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3rd Annual Music Business Empowerment Conference

3rd Annual Music Business Empowerment Conference

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3rd Annual Music Business Empowerment Conference Had a Record Turnout and Presented a Wealth of Knowledge to Participants


The third annual Music Business Empowerment Conference (MBEC) which was held in Atlanta, GA September 15th-17th at the Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel was hugely successful. The theme of this year’s MBEC is “monetizing your music through digital technology”. The three-day conference consisted of informative panels with radio program directors from iHeartRadio, Radio One, and Core Communications as well as executives from Capitol Records, Atlantic Records, Interscope and E-One. The MBEC included music showcases and interactive experiences that provided entertainment, education, empowerment, and exposure for all in attendance. The founders of the Music Business Empowerment Conference, Arlinda Garrett, Lester Pace, and Michael Montgomery (Colonel Loud), are industry professionals and respected entrepreneurs. Together they garner more than 60 years of excellence in the fields of music and entertainment.

3rd Annual Music Business Empowerment Conference

3rd Annual Music Business Empowerment Conference

To jump-start the action-packed weekend there was a red-carpet kick-off hosted by Sista Sypher and Tia Culver with a media “meet and greet” event followed by a poolside fashion show organized by Derrick Chapman and hosted by MBECmodels. The Saturday awards luncheon honored industry stand-outs such as Streetz 94.5’s DJ Holiday (DJ of the Year), Larry Kahn, SVP of Interscope(Record Executive of the Year), and Charles Greer received the Lifetime Achievement Award which was presented by Yung Joc. There were also live performances from Silento and several other extremely talented artists. DJ Hustle 

The MBEC is designed to bridge the gap between industry professionals and entry-level talent, as well as renowned artists and the next generation of rising stars. The MBEC is destined to become the premier music conference in the nation. For more details regarding the Music Business Empowerment Conference please visit

IMG 0377

Recording Artist Silento

IMG 0462

Kathy Jones #VP of E-One Records & Juliette Jones #EVP Atlantic Records

IMG 0423

Core DJs CEO Tony Neal

IMG 0520

MBEC Models

IMG 0521

Tia Culver / BX of K1NG Radio Miami / Sista Sypher

IMG 0452

Derrick Green #SVP IHeart Radio / Terrence Bibb #SVP Programming / DJ Fresh Program Director

IMG 0459

Peter Parker Be100 Radio

IMG 0418 1

Precious / Streetz 94.5’s JD / Yung Joc

Ha Ha Comedy Cafe Hits Big With Alex Thomas On Tuesday Nights

Ha Ha Comedy Cafe Hits Big With Alex Thomas On Tuesday Nights

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Ha Ha Comedy Cafe Hits Big With Alex Thomas On Tuesday Nights.

Comedian Dannon Green steps in to host the funny don’t stop at the Ha Ha Comedy Cafe last Tuesday night.

An extremely versatile actor/comedian/scriptwriter, Dannon Green is known for his signature
stand up comedy line I don’t want no trouble. He made his television debut on Apollo
Comedy Hour, and is continuously making a name for himself.


Born in Manhattan, New York and raised in Philadelphia, Dannon possesses mega personality
and the ability to keep you laughing. He is a talented comedian and actor who have been in
various films, television sitcoms, and national commercials.

Ha Ha Comedy Cafe Hits Big With Alex Thomas On Tuesday Nights

Ha Ha Comedy Cafe Hits Big With Alex Thomas On Tuesday Nights

He has graced the sets of UPN's sitcoms “Moesha”, “Girlfriends”, and “One On One”, and
has worked on the WB sitcom “All About The Anderson's” staring Anthony Anderson and
Nickelodeon’s “Just Jordan” staring Little JJ. He has also been in the critically acclaimed
series, “The Shield”, “Everybody Hates Chris” staring Chris Rock, as well as the Starz
channel’s hit stand up comedy series “Martin Lawrence’s First Amendment”. As for films,
Dannon has been featured in HBO’s films Butter, Supreme Sanction, and Desert Thunder.

Green was also featured in the film, Baby Boy that was distributed by Columbia Pictures and
directed by John Singleton. Hes also featured in the film The Luau that stars Brian Hooks and
Faizon Love. Dannon was also featured in a short film that was produce by RSA Films and
USA Network called “DUCK” it was directed by Jakob Daschek, Starring Skylan Brooks.

He has also been featured on BET’s “Comic View” and TV One “The Funny Spot” hosted by
Tony Rock as well as BET’s One Mic Stand with Kevin Hart. Dannon was also featured on
TV One’s “Comics Unleashed” with Dick Gregory hosted by Byron Allen.


He co-starred in
the movie “Happy Hour” starring Guy Torry and Tra Ireland. He recently just finished shooting
the movie “Civilian Life” with Lahmard J.Tate which was directed my Rubin Whitmore II.
Dannon is currently working on producing his first movie as well as other personal projects. He
also can be seen in a number of national commercials and has recently guest stared on BET’s
hit television show “Real Husbands of Hollywood” starring Kevin Hart. DJ Hustle

Compton Rapper, AD, the Modern Hero of West Coast Music

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Compton Rapper, AD, the Modern Hero of West Coast Music

A modern day hero of the West Coast, 28 year old Armand Douglas, best known as AD is one of most prominent, upcoming rappers in Compton. To call Douglas a “ rapper,” is an understatement. In today’s generation of “Skr, skr” mumble rap, this artist strives to keep West Coast music alive. What makes Douglas stand out is his originality and commitment to LA sounding music. Moreover, his eccentric, shouting vocals take over the mic. “Bring a more aggressive different energy than rappers today. Every artist should feel like they are underrated in a sense. Stay true to yourself and don’t be afraid to be different. Put God first,” says AD.

Douglas is distributed by legendary West Coast label,  Priority Records (Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre). In 2017,  Last Of The 80’s, produced by Sorry Jaynari hit #22 on iTunes rap charts. Even Kendrick Lamar gave praise to AD’s mixtape, Blue:89 “AD’s been doing his thing.” Douglas is a continuation of great hip-hop.

Album, By The Way (produced by Sorry Jaynari) depicts Douglas’ struggle growing up in the hood. “The streets don’t love you. All my life I’ve had to watch my back because of the neighborhood I grew up in and my affiliations,” expresses Douglas. AD holds it down for his community and stands out as a rising figure of greatness for the streets, to those who once lived the struggle, both buried and alive. DJ Hustle 


In album, Last of The 80’s, “Out The Hood” with Sorry Jaynari  reflects AD’s come up. Though he lives in Hollywood, he’s never abandoned his thug identity. Douglas is anything but egoistic or flashy. During dinner, he’s a regular, charismatic guy who jokes with his family in the living room and eats “A1 candy yams” at the dinner table. As humble as he is, this rapper won’t brag about his fame and lifestyle, nor does he put anyone down. Douglas is the kind of man who acknowledges everyone in a room, even if you’re not in his circle, if you will. You wouldn’t expect 21 Savage or Freddie Gibbs to be in the same room with AD, but that just goes to show how Douglas is respected by diverse artists, including those who aren’t just from the West Coast. “I think it’s dope to work with everyone. Everybody has a different story and music bridges it all together.”

The studio is a regular day for Douglas, with pizza, Worldstar, and cracking jokes with Freddie Gibbs and 21 Savage, “Ty Dolla $ign, we gon drop you. We got AD now. Tahaha!” jokes 21. No doubt, AD is hard worker though. He literally shoots video clips in the studio and records demos the same night from 9pm to 4am.

One thing that keeps his spirit alive for music is his daughter. From a troubled, broke kid on the block, in and out of jail, struggling to pay his phone bill, and no whip, Douglas strives to hustle harder and be a better man than ever. “My daughter made me value life more and in turn made me want to be more honest with my music,” expresses Douglas. On the mic and on stage, Douglas also carries his grandma’s spirit with him, who passed away last year.

AD’s not slowing down anytime soon and is only making moves to become the greatest of the West Coast. Douglas hopes to diversify his career and  build upon his craft, including acting. He’s bringing “the juice” to Hollywood, so get your glasses ready.

For more AD follow Instagram, Twitter, and iTunes

Written by Atlantis Aubry @atlantissimone

Ty Dolla $ign Makes America “Wavy”

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Ty Dolla $ign Makes America “Wavy”

Whether it’s his music or his presence, there’s something about Ty Dolla $ign that makes you feel like there’s chemistry. The first time I wore my “Make America Wavy” hat to his show at Marquee, Las Vegas, he made eye contact and nodded, as a sign of respect that he understood my “waviness”. The second time I wore the same hat, he grabbed it and shook my head. Backstage, with DJ Mustard,  he noticed the hat for a third time and laughed. His first words to me were, “Make America wavy?”, before greeting me with a hug.

$ign literally transforms on stage. At first, he starts off the show with “Saved” (ft. E-40 in the album, Free TC) with a long trench coat, a wide brim hat, and some shades. He reminds me of a black Zoro, except with dreads, tattoos, and glasses. Towards the end of the show, he ditches the trench coat  and somehow ends up shirtless while he hypes the crowd and jumps up and down to Blasé. Dolla is the like the thug version of Cary Grant. Classic Hollywood actor, Grant, like Ty is smooth and suave, with English-tailored trench coats, and a wide-brim hat. With a simple smile or tilt of the hat, he is classy like Grant and melts the heart of the ladies. Dolla is sweet, but don’t let the innocent, shy smile fool you. He is a romantic, nasty bad-boy, like chocolate covered strawberries with a side of Henny. His voice is raspy, smooth, and sensual, but he makes, “Girl, I beat it up,” sound like an innocent, romantic sing-a-long. “Lil Baby” by DJ Mustard and Ty is like the R-rated version of Joe’s “The Things Your Man Won’t Do.”


Though Ty wears Dolla $IGN tatted on his neck, he’s underlooked as an artist, and perhaps only viewed as a “thug”. In a world where black men are masculinized or portrayed as arrogant gangsters, Ty is challenging that stigma, perhaps without even noticing. Dolla holds onto his identity as a former Blood, but does not place himself in a category of a “gangster” artist. He depicts that black artists are more than wearing chains, diamonds, grills, or flaunting Gucci belts and cash on IG. Like many of us, Dolla is a skater, a guitarist, drummer, a keyboardist, a father, a brother, a John Mayer fan, and a songwriter- in general, a regular guy. He wears thousand dollar suits and chains but “rocks Vans like a skater.” He “might drink the Henny,” to ratchet music in the club, but will get down with your uncle to Bootsie Collins or Al Jarreau at the family BBQ. Collaborating with artists including,  Skrillex, AD, Justin Timberlake, YG, Joe Moses, Swedish singer, Zara Larsson, and Fifth Harmony, to name a few, Dolla is one of the most versatile, original, and “wavy” artists of the generation. Regardless of their musical background or gang affiliation, ratchet or not, this man is happy to collab with any artist he sees as an “instrument” and can create with.


“What’s it like working with Ty?,” I asked in an interview with the producer, B. Ham from Dr. Luke’s Prescription Songs.  “I always am very grateful whenever I have the opportunity to work with him. He is very talented and a super hard worker. I always learn a lot when I’m around him,” expressed B.  Ham.

As Ty keeps winning, he keeps his circle close and brings his people with him. He’s got his brothers for life  if you will.  Backstage, you will find DJ Mustard and Tally (TC).  Even Compton rapper, AD, acknowledges him as a support system and “big brother.” Joe Moses pops up on stage to tell the DJ, “F’ that sh**”, bring it back, DJ!” when “Lil Baby” by DJ Mustard and Ty$ come on in the club. DJ Hustle 


It’s been 5 years since the beginning of his project, Beach House, an installment of Ty’s mixtape, in 2012. Beach House 3 following  Ty’s debut Free TC is not yet released (and Ty never fails to tease his fans), but his most recent songs from the project include “Love U Better” featuring The Dream and Lil Wayne and “So Am I” with Skrillex and Damien Marley.


From his grandma’s backroom to the big stage,  Dolla continues to make more waves in the music world. As he keeps breaking barriers in the in music, Ty continues to be true to himself as a music lover. He stands as one of the most original, “wavy” artists of today’s generation.

Written by Atlantis Aubry @atlantissimone 

Eli Sostre R&B Crooner Has A Hit Not Right Now

Eli Sostre R&B Crooner Has A Hit Not Right Now

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Eli Sostre the R&B crooner has a hit on his hands (Not Right Now). The crooner out of New York where hip hop rules has a dope hit, he just drop a mix tape called Sleep is for the weak we will put the link below now Eli is giving us more heat to vibe to.  The “Make It Freestyle” artist’s new project contains 12 total tracks, which were all produced by Soriano, with one seeing production credits from PJ Beats, as well as a couple from Sostre, himself. The young talent taps into themes of love and representing for his home city throughout the new mixtape, which offers up some serious vocal work. DJ Hustle 

Eli Sostre R&B Crooner Has A Hit On His Hands Not Right Now

Eli Sostre R&B Crooner Has A Hit Not Right Now


Eli Sostre’s Sleep Is for the Weak Tracklist

1. “Kings” (Prod. Soriano)
2. “New Addy” (prod. Eli Sostre & Soriano)
3. “Something Like You” (Prod. Soriano & Ghetto Guitar)
4. “Let You Go” (prod. Soriano)
5. “Made It Freestyle” (Prod. Soriano)
6. “Basics” (Prod. PJ Beats & Soriano)
7. “Nobody Else” (Prod. Eli Sostre & Soriano)
8. “When The Night Comes” (Prod. Soriano)
9. “Make Me Stay” (Prod. Soriano)
10. “Saving Face” (Prod. Soriano)
11. “Runway” (Prod. Soriano)
12. “S.I.F.T.W.” (Prod. Soriano)




Rapsody Keeps The Hits Coming ‘LAILA’S WISDOM’ LP

Rapsody Keeps The Hits Coming ‘LAILA’S WISDOM’ LP

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Rapsody Keeps The Hits Coming. (“The Pain,” “The Point,” “O.L.M.S.“), After joining roc nation and with her gaining more momentum each week on the charts with release date of  September 22nd, Rap has also dropped the first single “You Should Know,” with Busta Rhymes.

Rapsody Keeps The Hits Coming

Rapsody Keeps The Hits Coming

Rapsody Keeps The Hits Coming ‘LAILA’S WISDOM’ LP

Rapsody Keeps The Hits Coming ‘LAILA’S WISDOM’ LP

The word on the streets is that Rapsody is coming for Kendrick Lamar spot due to he’s the king of hip hop. The verse she gave to K-Dot on “Complexion” is a perfect introduction to the world, showcasing Rapsody’s wordplay, intricate rhyming, and deep sense of social responsibility. Signed independently to 9th Wonder, Evans hasn’t released a project since her verse on TPAB beckoned the world’s attention. Bet on this: when Rapsody drops what she’s cooking, it won’t disappoint.  Rapsody this great female Mc we can’t wait to here the new album it’s going to turn the game up side down. MC’s don’t just pop out of the air, will she pick another female Mc to join forces with Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, or Cardi b it’s just a thought. Something is in the air in hip hop right now it’s the number music genre on the planet which much us pop culture. DJ Hustle 






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What makes an artist unique with all the masses of them who are coming about these days?
For me, it takes a fresh new sound, so different from the rest that I cannot sleep until knowing who they are.
Maybe, it is that thriving need to find that one diamond in the rough, with that one song that just makes sense… Well not necessarily because there are actually a few that I love, just because they do not make sense at all.
So, there is a long line of idealistic wonders that come from such newbies.


Artists from Arkansas show to be of a lyrically inclined New Breed, born into an ever-perplexed, hip-hop nation.

There are many defining characteristics of this showing nothing less than greatness.
Major changes have been made to the normal protocol within our Society since rap entered into the doors of the music industry. Just when you think you heard the best song in the world, think twice and tune your ears to listen to an Arkansas rapper’s playlist. You’llalways hear a new song you love just as much as the previous one.

Out of all the places I have heard music, Arkansas has to take the cake for having the most talent of all the states in the U.S.A.
Like every story, there is a final statement… like every fairytale you’ve ever heard, I leave you with one notable artist’s stage name, so you can engulf yourself into the music of a New Breed, born into “The Rap Game”. If it weren’t for them, we would never have heard an Elvis lip snarling “Hound-dog” or seen Michael Jackson dance the fantastic Moonwalk!

What makes an artist unique with all the masses of them who are coming about these days?
For me, it takes a fresh new music. 

One independent artist I know well enough to say he will be one of these greats, is no other than … Gwallame G

Krissy Tedder
E-40 Straight Out The Dirt” features Yo Gotti and Youngboy

E-40 Straight Out The Dirt” features Yo Gotti and Youngboy

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E-40 Straight Out The Dirt” features Yo Gotti and Youngboy

Rapping legend and entrepreneur, E-40, is playing no games with his new track
LOS ANGELES, CA (August 29, 2017) – E 40 is one of those artists that is extremely hard to forget. The Bay Area ambassador has been creating hits since the ‘80s and he clearly isn’t stopping anytime soon. Back with a new track, “Straight Out The Dirt,” E-40 is closing out the summer with a banger.
“Straight Out The Dirt” features Yo Gotti and Youngboy Never Broke Again. The track has a bumping beat and E-40 matches the production with his catchy lyrics. As he raps about working hard for his success, E-40 will truly inspire you to work for your own dreams. And of course, Yo Gotti & Youngboy match the vibe. This track is definitely set to be a hit which isn’t anything new when it comes to E-40:
E-40 Straight Out The Dirt” features Yo Gotti and Youngboy

E-40 Straight Out The Dirt” features Yo Gotti and Youngboy


“What’s happening at this point in my career defies logic. Name another 48-year-old rapper with one Gold record, let alone three in the same year. My fans stretch much further than the Bay Area, further than just the West Coast. I brought so much shit to hip-hop. I’ve been relevant in each generation and each decade and I’ve done it as an independent artist.”
Make sure to take a listen to E-40’s newest track, “Straight Out The Dirt.” It surely will remind you why he’s one of the highest chart topping artists out. DJ Hustle
Check out “Straight Out The Dirt” on YouTube and Soundcloud.
Keep up with E-40’s latest moves on social media:
The Importance Of IAWTV Awards

The Importance Of IAWTV Awards

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The Importance of the IAWTV Awards

By Tina Cesa Ward

Chairman of the IAWTV

Why do the IAWTV Awards matter? The answer to that has been the reason I, along with IAWTV Vice Chairman Sandra Payne, have formed this hardworking two-woman band and taken on this full time, volunteer gig to bring them back in 2017.


Please note that our submissions are open now and will close August 15th. The 5th IAWTV Awards will be held in Los Angeles at the Skirball Cultural Center on October 4th.  You can submit via Film Freeway. So go submit! 


Now that all that business is out of the way, lets get back to the question at hand.  For the benefit of easy reading and because everyone loves a list, I will answer this question with three simple reasons:


1.  Because the independent voice matters and it’s critical that it’s recognized.

I joined the IAWTV from its inception in 2009 and have always thought of it as an important organization formed to create community and support the independent spirit of the web series.  When the vote came in to create our own awards show, many were against the idea, including me.  But now that the landscape has changed I realize how important the IAWTV Awards are to bring visibility to shows that struggle to get noticed.  The IAWTV Awards was named by Variety as the Web Emmys and we’re happy to carry that nickname.  Yes, the Emmys has expanded to short form which I think is an amazing achievement for the web world, but independents aren’t entering the Emmys in large numbers, mainly because of the cost of entry. In the end, there are a lot more digital studio-supported shows entering (and promoting to get the vote) than independents.  We are the award show for the independent TV creators out there.  We’re proud that creators have credited the IAWTV with launching Hollywood careers. Julian De Zotti, co-creator of “Whatever Linda” said, “Winning an IAWTV Award opened the door to our development deal with The Mark Gordon Company to turn our series into an hour-long TV show.”


It’s critical for the independent voice to stay relevant in the world of web series that is now slowly closing its doors to independents. The new popularity of web series and the platforms that house them wouldn’t be in existence without the independents that took the chance — and continue to take chances — on this medium that now is old enough to have history but still young enough to cause a ruckus.


2.  Short form series, in both narrative and non-scripted, need an awards show that champions its achievements as independent television.


For many years all independent video has been thrown into one basket.  A dramatic scripted series is examined right next to a YouTube Influencer video, right next to cat videos, which is alongside a “how to” video.  Which one of these videos do you think loses the numbers game? But not all video is created for the same reason and looking at views is not the only means to weigh the value of a video.  Although scripted series generally bring in less of the web video views, they have a unique ability to generate new views and dedicated fans over a longer period of time unlike the other types of videos thrown into the web video basket.  They also have the ability to launch careers into scripted television more than any other video variety.  In short, independent television has a longer reach into other avenues and cannot be judged on its daily view count alone.  But with lower daily visibility comes the need for other ways to get the best of the best out to the masses and the IAWTV awards offers that visibility.


3.  Sense of community and support has value beyond measurement.

Coming from independent film, the only time I caught even a glimpse of community is when I went on the film festival circuit.  But even at that, it felt limited to a hang at an after party and maybe a couple of emails after.  When I jumped into the web series world in 2008, I instantly understood what community can be and how it could fuel that desire to continue to create.  Going out to web events has always been like going out and seeing your friends. More importantly, seeing your friends champion your work and having the ability to champion theirs builds an important network of creative contacts that remains unmatched in any other entertainment community. We have to preserve that and hang onto it.  Today, some of my best friends come from my connection to the web community.  Some of the early web series creators have gone on to bigger positions in the TV and digital world but are still reachable and are still fans of the web, many of whom we highlighted last awards show with our pioneer segments. You can watch the segments here:


Those segments highlight this community in the best way. It not only shows the success you can achieve by working in web series, it shows we have history. And maybe more importantly, it shows what the web world means to us and how supportive we are of one another. Join us at! We’re here for you.


Tina Cesa Ward is the Chair of the International Academy of Web TV and an Executive Committee member of The Caucus of Producers, Writers, and Directors. The IAWTV is now a division of The Caucus.  Ward was also the Co-Executive Producer, Co-Writer (along with Susan Miller) and Director of the series “Anyone But Me” which has over 50 million views and is available on Hulu, Amazon Prime, Fullscreen and YouTube.  Her other series work includes “Producing Juliet”, “Good People in Love” and “Bestsellers.”  She is the recipient of the first Writers Guild Award for New Media (along with Susan Miller) and has three IAWTV Awards for writing and directing. DJ Hustle



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KYLE, Lil Yachty and Rita Ora to Open TEEN CHOICE 2017

with Blockbuster Performance


Hip-Hop Duo Rae Sremmurd to Perform “Black Beatles”;

French Montana to Perform Hit Single “Unforgettable,” featuring Swae Lee,

with Uganda’s Triplets Ghetto Kids


Ed Sheeran, Zendaya, Millie Bobby Brown, Tyler Hoechlin, Grant Gustin,

Melissa Benoist, Olivia Munn, Bella Thorne, Katherine Langford, Maddie Ziegler,

Grace Vanderwaal and Marshmello Confirmed to Appear



Multi-Grammy Award-winning band Maroon 5 will be honored at TEEN CHOICE 2017 with the highly coveted Decade Award, which celebrates the band’s evolution over the past 10 years. With five multi-Platinum studio albums, the band has become one of the top touring acts in popular music, as they continue to achieve critical and worldwide success, while broadening their impact on popular music and culture. The star-studded two-hour TEEN CHOICE 2017 airs Sunday, Aug. 13 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) LIVE from the University of Southern California’s Galen Center, on FOX.


TEEN CHOICE 2017 opens with an electrifying performance from rising California rapper KYLE, who will perform his 3x-Platinum single, “iSpy,” alongside Lil Yachty, who will then perform his new single, “Forever Young.” Rita Ora will close the performance with her hit single, “Your Song.” Hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd will perform “Black Beatles” and French Montana will perform his hit single, “Unforgettable,” featuring Swae Lee, with Uganda’s Triplets Ghetto Kids. As previously announced, Louis Tomlinson will perform with Bebe Rexha, and Clean Bandit will perform with Zara Larsson. DJ Hustle


Singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” star and TEEN CHOICE nominee Zendaya, “Stranger Things’” Millie Bobby Brown, “Wonder Woman’s” Gal Gadot, “Teen Wolf’s” Tyler Hoechlin, “The Flash’s” Grant Gustin, “Supergirl’s” Melissa Benoist, actress Olivia Munn, actress/singer Bella Thorne, “13 Reasons Why” star Katherine Langford, Choice Dancer nominee Maddie Ziegler, singer/songwriter Grace Vanderwaal and DJ and music producer Marshmello are scheduled to appear at the star-studded event, joining previously announced celebrities Chris Pratt, Janel Parrish, Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, The Dolan Twins, the cast of “Riverdale,” Hudson Yang, Yara Shahidi and Victoria Justice. DJ Hustle


Tickets for TEEN CHOICE 2017 at the Galen Center are now on sale to the general public at


“Like” TEEN CHOICE 2017 on Facebook at Follow the action on Twitter @TeenChoiceFox and join the discussion at#teenchoice. See photos and videos on Instagram by following @teenchoicefox.