Ha Ha Comedy Cafe Hits Big With Alex Thomas On Tuesday Nights

Ha Ha Comedy Cafe Hits Big With Alex Thomas On Tuesday Nights

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Ha Ha Comedy Cafe Hits Big With Alex Thomas On Tuesday Nights.

Comedian Dannon Green steps in to host the funny don’t stop at the Ha Ha Comedy Cafe last Tuesday night.

An extremely versatile actor/comedian/scriptwriter, Dannon Green is known for his signature
stand up comedy line I don’t want no trouble. He made his television debut on Apollo
Comedy Hour, and is continuously making a name for himself.


Born in Manhattan, New York and raised in Philadelphia, Dannon possesses mega personality
and the ability to keep you laughing. He is a talented comedian and actor who have been in
various films, television sitcoms, and national commercials.

Ha Ha Comedy Cafe Hits Big With Alex Thomas On Tuesday Nights

Ha Ha Comedy Cafe Hits Big With Alex Thomas On Tuesday Nights

He has graced the sets of UPN's sitcoms “Moesha”, “Girlfriends”, and “One On One”, and
has worked on the WB sitcom “All About The Anderson's” staring Anthony Anderson and
Nickelodeon’s “Just Jordan” staring Little JJ. He has also been in the critically acclaimed
series, “The Shield”, “Everybody Hates Chris” staring Chris Rock, as well as the Starz
channel’s hit stand up comedy series “Martin Lawrence’s First Amendment”. As for films,
Dannon has been featured in HBO’s films Butter, Supreme Sanction, and Desert Thunder.

Green was also featured in the film, Baby Boy that was distributed by Columbia Pictures and
directed by John Singleton. Hes also featured in the film The Luau that stars Brian Hooks and
Faizon Love. Dannon was also featured in a short film that was produce by RSA Films and
USA Network called “DUCK” it was directed by Jakob Daschek, Starring Skylan Brooks.

He has also been featured on BET’s “Comic View” and TV One “The Funny Spot” hosted by
Tony Rock as well as BET’s One Mic Stand with Kevin Hart. Dannon was also featured on
TV One’s “Comics Unleashed” with Dick Gregory hosted by Byron Allen.


He co-starred in
the movie “Happy Hour” starring Guy Torry and Tra Ireland. He recently just finished shooting
the movie “Civilian Life” with Lahmard J.Tate which was directed my Rubin Whitmore II.
Dannon is currently working on producing his first movie as well as other personal projects. He
also can be seen in a number of national commercials and has recently guest stared on BET’s
hit television show “Real Husbands of Hollywood” starring Kevin Hart. DJ Hustle JayZ

JAY-Z’s New Album ‘4:44’

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JAY-Z’s New Album ‘4:44’

In case you’re perusing this, at that point you most likely realize that JAY-Z has web-based social networking ablaze appropriate about at this point. In the wake of disclosing his new collection 4:44 on TIDAL at midnight Friday (June 30), JAY-Z has recovered the enchantment that established his heritage in hip-bounce. HustleTV

The ten-track LP finds the 47-year-old in the best shape of his life lyrically. Not only does he expound on his trials and tribulations that nearly demolished his marriage, but he deftly illustrates ways for people of color to thrive in the new age of an America led by President Trump. DJ Hustle

Take a look at the five things we’ve learned when we first listened to JAY-Z’s comeback album 4:44 below.

After watching the media skewer him for his past indiscretions stemming from his infidelity to his superstar wife, to his involvement in the stabbing of Lance “Un” Rivera in 1999, Hov seemingly leads the charge in beheading the man he dreads most: Himself. The skeletons that were collecting dust in Hov’s million dollar closet has finally been dragged out on records like “Kill Jay Z” and “Smile.” On “4:44,” you find a man who’s desperate to win back his best friend and wife, Beyonce. You hear the remorse and regret in his actions after he dipped in the pool of betrayal with Becky with the good hair. For once, Superman’s armor is no longer impenetrable. What’s even more amazing? Hov is finally okay with revealing the cracks and imperfections that once scarred him years ago. DJ Hustle

2. He’s On a Mission to Empower His People of Color

Known for bragging about his opulence, Hov places his financial success in the back seat on 4:44. With the current state of the country in sheer disarray, Hov attempts to sprinkle wisdom onto his listeners. Fortunately, on 4:44, he isn’t feverishly bragging about his new-found Audemars. For album 13, he tries to give everyone “a few million dollars worth of game for $9.99.” We can’t be mad at that at all.

3. He Still Knows His Pen Game Is Godly

Jay Z DJ Hustle

Jay Z DJ Hustle

Despite Hov spilling out his emotions on 4:44, he doesn’t allow his detractors to prey on his vulnerabilities and eat him alive. Though his last project came out in 2013 with Magna Carta Holy Grail, his wordplay and delivery remains immaculate. On “Family Feud,” he thrashes his haters with his mightiest weapon of them all — his pen. On “Bam,” he flexes his lyrical muscles again when he raps, “I be skipping leg day, I still run the world/I press the head of your team with one fingercurl.” HustleTV

All Eyez On Me Tupac Shakur 2pac DJ Hustle

Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez On Me

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Tupac Shakur biopic, All Eyez On Me

Tupac Shakur biopic, “All Eyez On Me”, at long last hits theaters June 16 following quite a while of planning and work by different people including veteran music maker LT Hutton, a maker of the film and a key main impetus behind the making of this film. The venture saw a few distinct executives travel every which way including John Singleton until veteran video chief and growing producer Benny Boom at long last took control to guarantee that the notorious existence of the late extraordinary hip-bounce and motion picture star was legitimately conveyed to the wide screen. What’s more, it’s a film that – whether you adore or not – should be seen, and not just beyond words hip-bounce fans. The short yet exciting and achieved life of Tupac Shakur is one for the records of history and this motion picture dives into all the symbol from each point.  DJ Hustle


The life of Tupac Shakur was one chock shifting, apparently restricting thoughts, perspectives, theories, and states of mind all put together within one persona. Thusly, the Gemini was diverse individuals at various circumstances.

Making a film about his whole life is more testing than your normal biopic and it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why individuals have had innovative contrasts en route in bringing “All Eyez On Me” to realization.  DJ Hustle

At one minute Tupac could be a progressive figure attempting to realize change in a world brimming with abuse and the following he could be in hooligan mode carrying on with the life of the roads. He was additionally an artist and an aficionado of Shakespeare (which is referenced all through the motion picture) and other scholarly rationalists which adjusted his reasoning as he was encompassed by the inconveniences of inward city life – really making him the rose that developed in the solid. Pac could likewise utilize his appeal to uplight the women in “Keep Your Head Up” and after that advance through the “tools” in “I Get Around.” Choosing which Tupac to acquire to light every scene more likely than not been a serious errand for the journalists and the executive. HustleTV

Everyone’s eyes are truly on newcomer Demetrius Shipp Jr., given a role as the part of Tupac, and unexpectedly whose father Demetrius Sr. delivered Shakur’s “Hurl It Up” on the Makaveli LP. Demetrius Jr. is a dead-on Pac resemble the other alike confronting the trouble of depicting the late star as well as doing it in his first part as an on-screen character.  HustleTV

Before trying out for this part, Demetrius was working for Dish Network and laid off from his position with the organization. With the assistance of acting mentors and veterans like Hill Harper (given a role as the writer who interviews Pac all through the film) Shipp Jr. could shockingly catch the state of mind, feelings, and outward appearances of Shakur and truly makes an amazing showing with regards to for a performing artist with no related knowledge. LT Hutton and Benny Boom took a bet in throwing Shipp, however in viewing the film I feel that he remunerated their hazard with an exceptionally persuading depiction that will even satisfy Pac’s reliable fan-base. HustleTV

All Eyez On Me Tupac Shakur 2pac DJ Hustle

All Eyez On Me Tupac Shakur 2pac DJ Hustle

PSY DJ Hustle

PSY Talks New ‘4X2=8’ Album, ‘Gangnam Style’ Anniversary

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With more than 5 billion YouTube views and recently surpassing a landmark 10 million subscribers, PSY is the undisputed king of viral videos. But on his recently released 4X2=8 album, his eighth project since his 2001 debut on the Korean scene, the rapper-singer is coming with yet another unexpected, deeper message. DJ Hustle

PSY DJ Hustle

PSY DJ Hustle

The singles “I Luv It” and “New Face” certainly play to his strengths as the high-energy, highly entertaining rapper-singer the world fell in love with in 2012, but a lyric like “I’m not what you expected/ I don’t really care” on the latter indicates a truly self-actualized side of PSY. With an all-star cast of Korean talent (including established and rising K-pop stars and producers), a newfound confidence (“Facts” state the truly impressive, well, facts of his career) and now five years as a global star, PSY has a refreshed, relaxed outlook as seen in a recent chat with Billboard. Read on below: DJ Hustle

Your new album 4X2=8 is another chart and viral hit with the new videos for “I Luv It” and “New Face.” Why did you choose these two songs as the singles?

Since my debut, my singles’ general genre has been EDM — which stands for “energetic dance music.” [Laughs] I do what I got to do with a single, and I do what I want to do through a full length album. In “I Luv It,” I tried hard to make a different style of music video from my previous ones with sets, contrasts, and etcetera. But as you know, Lee Byunghun did it all. [Laughs] I personally prefer the “New Face” music video because this type of video is what I usually do. It’s a PSY video: bringing the dancing everywhere! Naeun did a great job. I have a dream that one day, my music videos will be [known like] “Jim Carrey movies” or the “Jackie Chan movies” of the music video industry.  DJ Hustle

Speaking of Naeun, how did she end up as your latest co-star on “New Face”?

​She’s of course very popular as a member of Apink in Asia and as an actress in Korea, but she has never done something funny and funky. I thought it would look great and fresh, so I called and asked her to be in my music video. She accepted. [Laughs]

There is a humorous moment in “I Luv It” where your YouTube video has a humongous amount of views. Are you concerned with video views these days?

Nah, my YouTube views are more than enough already. It’s just related to the lyrics of that specific scene in which I say, “I take it way too far / Got planes up in the air.”

While listening to 4X2=8, I got the feeling that you had a bigger message. On “I Luv It,” you say “I’m not what you expected, I don’t really care” and on “Fact” (featuring G-Dragon) you talk about your career accomplishments. Were you thinking about critics or haters on this album?

I sincerely love and care about the criticisms from the public and the critics. Aaaand, I sincerely don’t love and care about the haters. But this time, I took good care of the haters in the song “Fact.” And GD killed it! HustleTV


Ice Cube Talks Final ‘Friday’ Movie Jason Derulo chat with James Corden

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Ice Cube and Jason Derulo chat with James Corden

Everyone has a mom and sometimes you have to explain things to her, like what your single called “Swalla” is about, or why you have a song called “F–k Tha Police.” How do you do that? Viewers found out on Tuesday night (May 16) when Jason Derulo and Ice Cube sat down with The Late Late Show host James Corden to talk about their famous songs and their favorite movie. HustleTV

Describing the new explicit version of “Swalla” he’s just released, Derulo said he wanted to slow the track down so you could really get the, um, feel for the lyrics. “What’s the inspiration behind the song? I’m scared to ask if I’m honest,” Corden probed innocently. “It’s up for interpretation,” Derulo said. “Is it?,” Corden replied, noting that a lot of Jason’s music is about sex and wondering how his mom feels about that.



“‘Talk Dirty’ she thought was going to end my career,” DeRulo admitted. “‘It’s just too dirty, baby, this is not you,'” his mother told him about the 2014 smash. “I’m like, ‘ma, it is me!’ And then ‘Talk Dirty’ did what it did and ‘Swalla’ came on the scene and she was like, ‘I love this!'” Cube agreed, saying moms don’t want you to do anything “until the money comes in.”

Watch Cube describe how his mom reacted to N.W.A’s famous anti-establishment anthem: DJ Hustle

Derulo was just thrilled to be anywhere near the N.W.A legend because, as it turns out, he’s a massive Friday fan. “Friday was one of my favorite movies of all time,” Derulo told Cube about his legendary 1995 stoner comedy. “Literally I would watch it every single Friday, it was that serious.” Cube then dropped some news about the cult classic, revealing that he’s finally working on the fourth, and last chapter in the series. HustleTV

“We’re working on one right now,” Cube said. “We’re gonna call it Last Friday.” Cube — who had to break the news to Corden that there’s probably not a role for him in the sequel — was, however, willing to indulge the host’s desire to learn more about the art of hand-checking in basketball while hyping his Big 3 basketball league. Watch the action get physical. HustleTV


DJ Hustle HustleTV Entertainment

Entertainment Keeps Moving

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As any successful executive in entertainment will tell you, “when you have the streets connected and endorsing your product, your chances for success increase immeasurably”. That is exactly what is happening with the “new man on the streets” simply known as “DJ Hustle .”

Born and raised in Watts, California … DJ Hustle  and his new “HustleTV ” have quietly become one of the hottest platforms for entertainers and sports figures to get their real, uncut interviews aired to the youthful viewers and to Hip Hop audiences worldwide.

Starting off as a DJ performing at major venues across the country, DJ Hustle  decided to branch out and formed “HustleTV ” in 2008 with the show being aired via the Time Warner Cable system.

Within a one year time period, “HustleTV ” had caught on with the Hip Hop audience nationwide, while DJ Hustle’s rapport with the various Rap music stars and sports figures enabled him to secure the “street level, uncut interviews” the artist themselves preferred and that the viewers so desperately wanted to see.

As DJ Hustle’s grind in the streets took his platform to new heights, the success of Hustle TV motivated him to reach even further and he started to lay the foundation for building a “street edged” one hour cable TV show for Hustle TV that would focus on “controversial street figures and business people”.

DJ Hustle Esau McGraw Hollywood ImProv

DJ Hustle Esau McGraw Hollywood ImProv


Powerhouse 2017 Power 106 DJ Hustle

POWERHOUSE 2017 – By POWER 106 The Biggest Concert Of The Year

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Powerhouse 2017 is Saturday, May 6, 2017 from 12 Noon – 10:00pm.  Get your tickets at or   Tickets priced at $29.50, $49.50 and $75.00.

The Powerhouse festival area features live performances from emerging Hip Hop artists on the Bud Light Who’s Next? stage, custom cars on display from Galpin Auto Sports, graffiti artists, body art, psychic readings, games, a Ferris wheel, charging stations, food trucks and lifestyle activities.  Join Power 106 DJs in the Power Party tent and catch a peek at the new film ALL EYEZ ON ME on the main concourse. Powerhouse is a 1 day music festival, doors open at noon.  For more information, visit

POWERHOUSE HAS MOVED OUTDOORS! Make sure you grab your tickets to #POWERHOUSELA and don’t miss this years’ best hip hop festival! Get into #Beastmode with Big Sean! BIG SEAN is headlining alongside LIL’ WAYNE, DJ KHALED, DEORRO, KID INK, POST MALONE, DOM KENNEDY, MADEINTYO, SKEME, VICE, DJ FELLI FEL AND WARM BREW. Stay locked to Power 106 for a very special announcement on Monday, April 24th! We’ve got a major surprise in store for you!

Check out Hip Hop’s future superstars on the Bud Light Who’s Next? Festival Stage; featuring UGLY GOD, DICE SOHO, SCOOP DEVILLE, AD, PRICELESS, DA ROC, FLIP MAJOR, HARRY MACK and more to be announced! Previous Who’s Next? performers have included J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and G Eazy!

#POWERHOUSELA Is Saturday, May 6th at the Glen Helen Amphitheater from 12noon-10pm. The Glen Helen Amphitheater (formerly called The San Manuel Amphitheater) is located at 2575 Glen Helen Pkwy, San Bernardino, CA 92407

#POWERHOUSELA features, 2 stages, Galpin Auto sports, graffiti artists, beer garden, liquor lounge, psychic, body painting, adult games, bmx demonstrations, skate ramps, charging stations, merchandise, food and more. Doors open at 12 Noon. Get ready to get your party on!

Get your tickets today: Tickets start at only $29.50 Want to win tickets? Listen to power 106 on the radio, app or every hour 6am-8pm! When we ask you to call, dial 818-520-1059 and be caller 106. Each winner gets qualified for $1000 grand prize. Kick off your summer with #POWERHOUSELA, we’ll see on May 6th! HustleTV






2575 Glen Helen Pkwy, San Bernardino, CA 92407

12 NOON – 10PM

Power 106’s (105.9 Los Angeles), JUST ADDED,  DJ KHALED!  Powerhouse features Platinum superstars, EDM DJs and breaking Hip Hop talent that make Powerhouse the HIP HOP festival of the summer! Performances by BIG SEAN, DJ KHALED, LIL’ WAYNE, DEORRO, KID INK, JEREMIH, POST MALONE, SKEME, THE LA LEAKERS, SKEME, DOM KENNEDY, DJ FELLI FEL, WARM BREW, UGLY GOD, DICE SOHO, SCOOP DEVILLE, AD PRICELESS DA ROC, FLIP MAJOR, HARRY MACK AND SURPRISE GUESTS! HustleTV

Dear White People HustleTV Netflix

Dear White People Is Even Better Than The Movie Say’s Netflix’s

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“Dear White People”

Lushy Lush Interviews the cast of Dear White People. “Dear White Individuals” was met with basic recognition when it hit theaters in 2014. Executive and author Justin Simien’s parody, which took after a gathering of dark understudies at a dominatingly white Ivy Class college, dismisses the idea that we live in a post-racial society.HustleTV 

After three years, the possibility of a post-racial society isn’t one that should be refuted. We’ve gotten the message — through the unending agitate of online networking, our 24-hour news cycle and the endeavors of activists approaching an era to wake up (or in more present speech, “stay woke”).

Enter “Dear White Individuals,” the 10-scene Netflix arrangement, which starts spilling Friday and lifts its source material into a profoundly piercing investigation of where we are presently. Like its ancestor, which initially touched base as an idea trailer in 2012, the arrangement is an opportune and clever sendup. Simien adjusted it for TV and is the author executive behind a few scenes. In any case, he taps a few different executives — including “Moonlight’s” Barry Jenkins — to rudder portions, all of which highlight characters unpretentiously breaking the fourth divider, for the most part with pointed gazes.

The show’s tag­line, “Wagered you contemplate you,” is a concise gesture to any individual who (still!) thinks the provocative title is supremacist. (In case you’re in that camp, it’s protected to state this isn’t the show for you.)

“Dear White Individuals” comes back to anecdotal Winchester College, where a blackface-themed party facilitated by the white editors of the grounds funniness magazine, Pastiche, has sent long-stewing racial strains higher than ever. Sam (Logan Sautéing), a film real who has the prominent yet disputable “Dear White Individuals” radio show takes to the wireless transmissions to address her kindred understudies. HustleTV 

Marque Richardson plays Reggie in “Dear White Individuals.” (Adam Rose/Netflix)

“Dear white individuals,” she says, hatefully. “Here’s a rundown of satisfactory Halloween ensembles: a privateer, scandalous medical attendant, any of our initial 43 presidents. Top of the rundown of inadmissible ensembles? Me.”

The gathering was the tipping point in the film, however in the arrangement, it’s just the start. The motion picture (which isn’t an essential for review the show) was told to a great extent from Sam’s point of view. However, the arrangement keenly extends its concentration to take after the result of the gathering — and the occasions that prompted it — through the eyes of five other Winchester understudies, with Giancarlo Esposito ringing in discontinuously as our contemptuous storyteller.HustleTV 

Simien’s all around paced adjustment adds profundity to his characters and the ways their stories cross. There’s Lionel (DeRon Horton), a timid, geeky sophomore who not really furtively pines for the affections of his straight, playboy flat mate Troy (Brandon Ringer, repeating his part from the film). Troy battles to experience the desires of his requesting father, a Winchester senior member, who doesn’t concur with Sam’s approach of getting out the white benefit of her cohorts. “Her talk makes this grounds resemble a powderkeg of racial turmoil — like a state school,” he says. Coco (Antoinette Robertson), a determined, trying attorney likewise can’t help contradicting Sam’s candid conveyance. Their disparities — and the backstory behind them — are preferable clarified in the arrangement over the film and offer a counterpoint to Sam’s faith in battling the framework. HustleTV 

Dear White People HustleTV Netflix

Dear White People HustleTV Netflix

Sam turns into the focal point of talk when an Instagram post uncovers that she’s been connecting with Gabe (John Patrick Amedori), a white graduate understudy. Her BFF Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson) is clashed about the interracial relationship in spite of the way that Sam is half white.

Featherson, a Washington local who had a minor part in the film rendition, is a scene-stealer. At the point when Sam reminds Joelle that she’s biracial, Joelle shoots back: “Better believe it, yet you’re not Rashida Jones biracial, you’re Tracee Ellis Ross biracial. Individuals consider you dark!” HustleTV 

Sam’s mystery relationship likewise causes issues with Reggie (Marque Richardson), who shares her propensity for activism and really likes her since their first year. Richardson played Reggie in the film, however he gets more screen time here and the show is better for it. At a certain point, Reggie gets into a battle with one of his white companions who coolly drops the n-word while chiming in to a melody at a gathering. The encounter heightens rapidly and Reggie faces an unnerving circumstance that goes a long ways past microaggressions and social apportionment.

The scene represents one of the show’s heavier minutes. In any case, “Dear White Individuals” is so very much punctuated with silliness that, for watchers, a revolting cry can undoubtedly transform into a gut chuckle. One repeating joke spins around “Maligning,” a not at all subtle “Embarrassment” parody that dark Winchester understudies assemble to watch on a week by week premise.

Simien’s film corresponded with various crusades by dark understudies at transcendently white colleges. Through gatherings, for example, I, As well, Am Harvard and Being Dark at Georgetown, dark understudies shared stories of different schoolmates blaming them for being inadequate for affirmation or being made a request to show ID while strolling to class. HustleTV 

Dear White People


2015 MTV Video Music Awards - HustleTV DJ Hustle

HustleTV A Leader In Entertainment

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As any fruitful official in stimulation will let you know, “when you have the roads associated and underwriting your item, your odds for achievement increment tremendously”. That is precisely what is occurring with the “new man in the city” just known as “DJ Hustle .”

Brought up in Los Angeles, California … DJ Hustle  and his new “Hustle television” have discreetly turned out to be one of the most sultry stages for performers and games figures to get their genuine, uncut meetings publicized to the young watchers and to Hip Bounce groups of onlookers around the world.

Beginning off as a DJ performing at significant settings the nation over, DJ Hustle  chosen to stretch out and shaped “Hustle television” in 2008 with the show being circulated by means of the Time Warner Link framework.

Inside a one year era, “Hustle television” had gotten on with the Hip Jump group of onlookers across the country, while DJ Hustle’s affinity with the different Rap music stars and games figures empowered him to secure the “road level, uncut meetings” the craftsman themselves favored and that the watchers so frantically needed to see.

As DJ Hustle’s crush in the avenues took his stage higher than ever, the accomplishment of Hustle HustleTV television persuaded him to reach much further and he began to establish the framework for building a “road edged” one hour digital Network program for Hustle television that would concentrate on “dubious road figures and representatives”.

Esau McGraw DJ Hustle

Esau McGraw DJ Hustle

One Direction – Night Changes (Re-Drum / Clean)
The Weeknd – Earned It (Trayze Uptempo Remix / Clean)
Maroon 5 – Sugar (DJ Phlipz Re-Drum / Clean)
Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong (Flat Beat Intro)
Ed Sheeran – Sing (Intro)
Ne-Yo – Coming With You (Clean)
The Weeknd ft Daft Punk – Starboy (Kue Remix / Clean)
Elvis Crespo – Suavemente (Dj JD Remix)
Meghan Trainor – Me Too (Clean / Ends Cold)



DJ Hustle DJ Carisma

DJ Carisma Queen Of The West Coast Radio

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DJ Carisma

Observed DJ, maker and current Ruler of West Drift radio, DJ Carisma is as powerful as she is magnetic. She’s known for breaking some of West Drift’s most unmistakable hip jump specialists, from Ty Dolla $ign and Tyga, to New boyz and TeeFLii, inciting her to fire up her own particular name and DJ Group, Youthful California. HustleTV 

DJ Hustle DJ Carisma

DJ Hustle DJ Carisma 

Experiencing childhood in Santa Clause Ana, LA, exemplary shake is the thing that Carisma (otherwise known as Cathleen Robertson) heard at home, yet hip bounce is the thing that she searched out on the radio. As a child, recording and cutting her own particular mixtapes was Carisma’s beginning stage into what might end up noticeably a standout amongst the best female vocations in standard radio, and apparently hip bounce full quit, having now created tracks for any semblance of Tinashe, Chris Dark colored, Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign. HustleTV 

Safe to state, the woman’s a wear. Look at our meeting underneath with her to discover more.