The Rock” Smashes Guinness World Record For Most Times To Bench Press 200-LBS In 3 Minutes.

By June 7, 2015Featured

(MHL) – Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson set a new Guinness World Records title for the most times of bench-pressing 200 lbs in 3 minutes with a staggering 83 reps! Due to his hectic filming schedule, he had just 1 month to prepare for the feat, but he still packed on over 20 lbs of pure muscle, while simultaneously burning 10 lbs of fat, in such a short time. His secret? A new supplement stack that has just hit the market!

This new fat burning muscle builder supplement has just hit the shelves – and it is a gamechanger. Developed by a start-up out of New York, the supplement is the first hybrid supplement of its kind that contains all the necessary components for rapid muscle growth and fat loss. The supplement is reported to contain 20x more creatine than steak, 100% natural testosterone boosters and a unique pump matrix, which is proprietary to the company. Put simply, on paper, this supplement looks to be the real deal.

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