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DJ Hustle HustleTV Entertainment


As any successful executive in entertainment will tell you, “when you have the streets connected and endorsing your product, your chances for success increase immeasurably”. That is exactly what is happening with the “new man on the streets” simply known as “DJ Hustle .”

Born and raised in Watts, California … DJ Hustle  and his new “HustleTV ” have quietly become one of the hottest platforms for entertainers and sports figures to get their real, uncut interviews aired to the youthful viewers and to Hip Hop audiences worldwide.

Starting off as a DJ performing at major venues across the country, DJ Hustle  decided to branch out and formed “HustleTV ” in 2008 with the show being aired via the Time Warner Cable system.

Within a one year time period, “HustleTV ” had caught on with the Hip Hop audience nationwide, while DJ Hustle’s rapport with the various Rap music stars and sports figures enabled him to secure the “street level, uncut interviews” the artist themselves preferred and that the viewers so desperately wanted to see.

As DJ Hustle’s grind in the streets took his platform to new heights, the success of Hustle TV motivated him to reach even further and he started to lay the foundation for building a “street edged” one hour cable TV show for Hustle TV that would focus on “controversial street figures and business people”.

DJ Hustle Esau McGraw www.HustleTV.tv Hollywood ImProv

DJ Hustle Esau McGraw www.HustleTV.tv Hollywood ImProv


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