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Katy Perry & ‘American Idol ‘ Will She Be The Next Judge

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Katy Perry is in the homestretch … negotiating a deal to become the anchor judge on “American Idol,” and the announcement is expected to go down Tuesday. HustleTV 

TMZ broke the story … ‘AI’ honchos set their sights on Perry after their bid for Kelly Clarkson went south and she joined “The Voice.” Sources familiar with the negotiations tell us Idol’s goal is to announce Katy is joining the reboot during the ABC Upfronts this week. Our sources say they will not announce the other 2 judges because ‘Idol’ hasn’t even decided who it wants.

As we reported, Ryan Seacrest will almost certainly be the host.

Here’s the challenge. Idol went off the air on FOX because it became too expensive to produce, and everyone involved in the show doesn’t want a repeat of that problem. Seacrest and Perry will not come cheap, for sure … so the other 2 judges can’t break the bank.

American Idol www.HustleTV.tv DJ Hustle katy perry

American Idol www.HustleTV.tv DJ Hustle katy perry

Fact is, Idol’s last few seasons had big stars, but the show didn’t get bang for its buck. We’re told the other judges will likely be a songwriter and a music producer.

Our sources say producers and the network don’t feel the need to get 3 big singing stars on the panel, because ultimately the show is about the competition and making it interesting. HustleTV 

‘American Idol’ Farewell

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In the years since American Idol’s 2002 debut, the show has not only changed the lives of its contestants, but also of reporters, television critics and bloggers dedicated to covering its every note, critique and elimination on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

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Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban Brace for ‘American Idol’ Farewell as Auditions Begin

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Even though American Idol’s 15th season is being billed as a fond farewell, Jennifer Lopez isn’t quite ready to say goodbye.

“I will just miss Idol if it doesn’t continue after this,” the Idol judge told Billboard. “I don’t know, there is a part of me that feels like there is another version of it that is going to happen.”

As the 46-year old singer surveyed the room of wide-eyed hopefuls at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on Sunday, Aug. 16, Lopez said the show is still a way for an aspiring musician to reach for the stars.

“It’s such an amazing brand and it has come to represent opportunity and dreams and the best part of people,” she explained.

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That said, all three judges-Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban came to Philadelphia with a job to do: find the next American Idol.

The first audition city hit a few road bumps. Longtime host Ryan Seacrest missed the taping due to a scheduling conflict, but Season Two runner-up Clay Aiken came to the rescue and took over hosting duties for the Aug. 15 auditions.

As for the task of finding a star? The job is harder than it looks.

“Yesterday wasn’t good and it was our first day,” said Connick. “So far we are not as excited as we would have thought we have been.”

Still, he has hope.

‘American Idol’ Ending With Season 15

“It’s a long process and we have hundreds of people to see and we look forward to seeing some great talent,” he said.

Urban agreed with Connick’s assessment of the first crop of singers, and a small number were put through to Hollywood.

“They just weren’t very good. But we only need one,” he said. “We had a really good one yesterday, and sometimes day two is better. We do two days for every city so more often than not the second day is better.”

Connick also said that the panel is committed to finding someone who is special from the very first note.

“There is not a whole lot of change that happens from the day that they audition to later on in the competition. Sometimes you put a lot of faith in potential and that people will grow and change, but that really doesn’t happen as often as you think,” he said. “Every once in a while you find someone that really starts to blossom over the course of the competition, but basically what you see today is what you are going to see at the end, so that is what we are focused on — just finding great talent off the bat.”

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When asked what he is most proud of in his three years as a judge, Urban said he “can’t single that out as a specific person or artist,” but he is happy that anyone who has competed on the show has “the continued opportunity that all these artists have to find an audience — a huge audience” when it’s over.

What he will miss, he said, is the “camaraderie” with Lopez, Connick and Seacrest.

“I love being in this ensemble and they are just easy to work with and fun to be around,” he noted.

Connick said the feeling is mutual.

“I love Jen and Keith. I love Ryan,” he explained. “This is a good group of people, so I’ll miss that the most.”

When asked to give words of encouragement to a generation of kids who just missed the opportunity to compete on the farewell season because of the age requirements, Connick was hopeful.

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“Well who knows, man? It is a farewell season and you never know what is going to happen down the road,” he said. “American Idol is a huge institution and I don’t know what is going to happen in the future, so maybe one day you will get the chance.”

As for Lopez, she will not only miss the show as a judge, but as a viewer.

“I will miss being able to tune in and see it every year,” she said. “I have had a tremendous run and I am very excited about this season. We are going to raise the bar and hopefully create an amazing season for this farewell.”

The Voice‘s Season 8 finale

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There were three losers and only one winner on The Voice‘s Season 8 finale — that is, if you chose to look at the Starbucks-sponsored plastic cup as half full.
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If, however, like Blake, your glass had even a splash of moonshine left in it, maybe there were no losers at all.
After all, as Joshua “My Infant’s Fave Toy Is a Pair of Noise-Cancelling Headphones!” Davis, Koryn “My Ad-Libs + Pharrell’s Face = Magic” Hawthorne, Sawyer “Mortal Enemy of Men Without Hats” Fredericks and Meghan “Remember When I Won Can You Duet?” Linsey pointed out in their final “Voice Confessional” segment, simply making it to the finale of NBC’s smash-hit singing competition was an undeniable triumph. And the fact that they got to respectively duet with Sheryl Crow, Kelly Freakin’ Clarkson, John Fogerty and (encore? yesss!!!) Kelly Freakin’ Clarkson only added to the “You’re a winner! And you’re a winner! And you’re a winner!” vibe of it all.
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The Voice – Season 8Yet from a purely technical standpoint — the one overseen by some highly paid accounting firm and based on phone/text/online/app votes (plus iTunes downloads) — tonight’s two-hour extravaganza, in which Luke Bryan revealed the formula for turning a cornfield into a party, had to engage in the ugly business of handing out 4th-, 3rd-, 2nd-, and 1st-place trophies.
Voice pundits (myself included) entered the week considering Sawyer’s win as much a certainty as Meryl Streep’s next burp landing her an Oscar nomination. And after his Monday night renditions of “Please” and “Old Man” landed at No. 2 and No. 3 (behind only the mighty Taylor Swift) on the iTunes chart, the proceedings felt like more of a coronation than a white-knuckle suspense ride.
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Before we get to the results, let me first present TVLine’s Season 8 Finale Awards…
Kelly Clarkson’s interpretation of Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind” oozed more heartache and passion than a dozen Nicholas Sparks novels combined, but she still showed enough restraint that duet partner Koryn Hawthorne also had plenty of room to wow the audience. The kid’s “Baby, BABY, BABY!” hollerations were especially delectable — and had Pharrell delivering simultaneous stank face and a “hallelujah!” smile. But Kelly’s end-of-song “She can sing, y’all!” was perhaps the best endorsement Koryn could’ve ever received. Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this duet — but Mark Burnett & Co. gave it to us at the 31-minute mark. Noiiiice!
With her wicked growl and off-the-charts charisma, Kimberly Nichole pretty much dominated Joshua Davis’ bring-back performance of “She Talks to Angels” (also featuring Corey Kent White, Deanna Johnson and Brian Johnson). And I’m not being biased toward my Season 8 fave: I mean, Joshua himself could only grin and point deferentially to Queen Kim as she took the reins for the entire bridge!
I sometimes forget Christina Aguilera’s wicked Kim Cattrall impression on SNL from back in the day — quick! somebody revoke my gay card! — but tonight, she pulled off a task harder than a female coach taking home the Voice trophy: Making one of the show’s pre-taped comedy segments undeniably hilarious. Xtina spoofed Miley Cyrus, Cher, Shakira, Gaga and (most brutally of all) Britney Spears in a “lost coach casting video” compilation. If laughter is the best revenge, then Cher-tina’s “Who’s Blake Shelding?” and “Adam Levine — is that my accountant?” made up for her team members Kimberly and India tragically getting the boot in the last two weeks before the finale.
Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband” was adorable. Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” was lovely. And Luke Bryan made quite the impression singing about corn and dust or something like that. But why give ’em such prime performance slots without requiring them to include members of the Season 8 Top 20? I mean, whether or not you lamented the early exits of Sonic, Nathan Hermida, Rob Taylor and Hannah Kirby, didn’t they deserve a moment in the spotlight (outside the iffy Top 20 “fun.” medley), too?
Typically, if you make it all the way to The Voice finale, you choose four (or even five) of your colleagues to join you on the stage for a feel-good group outing. So while Meghan Linsey and Sarah Potenza were appropriately scratchy/howly (albeit not truly angsty enough for my taste) on “Piece of My Heart,” my main reaction to it was wondering why Meghan didn’t use her opportunity to spread the wealth among her fallen comrades. No me gusta, mami!
The Voice – Season 8WORST SOUND MIX
I was stupidly excited for the duet between John Fogarty and Sawyer Fredericks — and there’s no doubt their voices blended beautifully on a terrific medley of “Bad Moon Rising,” “Born on the Bayou” and “Have You Ever Seen the Rain.” But the way their voices kept fading out, then booming back to the front of the mix, then slipping away again, made me wonder if someone in the control booth had accidentally mixed up his or her water with Blake’s “clear liquid” delight.
Was it just me, or are we in agreement that Maroon 5’s new ditty “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” was a cacophonous, mumbled mess? (And if your answer is “it was just you, buddy,” then please leave contact info for AARP along with whatever stinging retort you make down in the comments, K?)
After Mia Z’s absurdly early exit from Season 8, Pharrell Williams promptly hit the studio with her — and the resulting single is already on iTunes! (I’m about to download it in 5, 4, 3, 2…) Who says nothing good can come from those interminable Sprint Skybox interview segments?
I know Koryn sees her self as an inspirational artist — or at least that’s what Pharrell keeps telling us — but here’s hoping she catches the groove in her post-Voice life, too. Her lead vocal on “Uptown Funk” was grittier than an unwashed bag of spinach leaves. And her comrades Tonya Boyd-Cannon, Lexi Davila, Caitlin Caporale and India Carney all had very nice moments when the mic got passed their way.
I most definitely enjoyed the coaches’ team-up on B.B. King’s “The Thrill Is Gone” — even Blake got a little bluesy up in there. But on a night where a lot of vocal powerhouses sung what they brung, Xtina’s crazy-beautiful “all I can, all I can, all I can, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ll I can do-ooh-ooh” closing statement served as a reminder that she’s still queen of the red-chair kingdom.
And now, the new Carson Daly patiently waited two hours (three if you count that irksome clip show that could’ve been an hour-long concert starring Voice alums from prior seasons) to announce:
Fourth Place
Koryn Hawthorne (awwww…she shoulda been runner-up, dagnabit!)
Third Place
Joshua Davis
Second Place
Meghan Linsey
Season 8 Winner
Sawyer Fredericks
The Voice – Season 8Oh, heck yeah! Aside from perhaps sixth-place finisher Kimberly Nichole, the soft-spoken teen from upstate New York was Season 8’s most consistently excellent performer — in addition to showing a preternatural ability to inhabit a song’s lyrics and deliver adult-level emotion despite his tender years. If Sawyer doesn’t turn out to be The Voice‘s first victor to wind up a household name, then NBC’s reality competition probably has no shot of producing a superstar ever.