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Kanye West Songs Remixed

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HustleTV Music News  Kanye West. Is he a genius or a madman? A god or a demon? Whatever side you choose to sit of the great Kanye divide, numbers don’t lie, and Kanye West is one of the most favored and critically-acclaimed hip-hop acts of all time.

Remember that time he rapped “DJs need to listen to the models, you ain’t got no f-ckin Yeezy in your Serato?” That was six years ago, seemingly a lifetime in pop culture news, and DJs have certainly learned to keep Mr. West’s records on the quick draw. The dance electronic world has really adopted him as one of their own, and in many ways, he is. 808s and Heartbreaks, anyone?

His trap hits seem to be the most popular for the rework, but sometimes, his tender moments get taken for a spin. Here list of the 10 best Kanye West songs remixed. DJ Hustle

“Four Five Seconds” – Afrojack

Kanye West once called himself a “black Beatle,” (yes, long before Rae Sremmurd), then he turned around and made a track with Paul McCartney. Actually, he made a few, but this one features Rihanna and garnered a fun, laidback, summery vibe from Afrojack. This might be the most poolside groove Afrojack has ever recorded. HustleTV

“Flashing Lights” – T/W/R/K

The Graduation favorite gets 10CCs of pure beat injection. It’s not Chicago footwork, but you can still do the running man if you want to. They put Yeezy’s sleezy lyric on repeat and have a grand old time toying with Dwele‘s pitch.

“New Slaves” – DJ Snake

The original version of Kanye West’s song hit the world like a sniper. DJ Snake leaves its initial impact intact. The French producer lets Yeezy’s powerful words hang in the air before strappin’ the song with machine-gun snare and leg-wobblin bass lines.

“Mercy” – RL Grime & Salva

There are probably thousands of “Mercy” remixes out there. It was one of the biggest songs of 2012, hip-hop or otherwise. It’s dark, minimal, and mean, and our favorite rework is this sinister rave synth take from trap-dance gods RL Grime and Salva.

“Cold” – Lunice

They don’t want Lunice to make a cold-ass remix of Kanye West’s song with DJ Khaled, so Lunice is going to make a track so cold, you need Theraflu. This is a rip from a Boiler Room set, and it’s going to have to do. They are real triflin’, these days.

“All The Lights” – Pretty Lights

Imagine how stoked Pretty Lights was when Kanye West’s song came out with a title that practically begged him to work his magic? The experimental producer turns the drums up to 11 and fills the air with percussive synths. You can really hear his affinity for live instrumentation in this unreleased 2011 gem – not that there isn’t plenty of electronic weirdness to go around.

“Say You Will” – Ryan Hemsworth

808s and Heartbreak was a visionary release, even if it left many scratching their heads like “wait, what?” Looking back, it’s easy to see how influential West’s saddest LP has truly been on the music world, and this Ryan Hemsworth remix from 2012 helps accentuate that fact. DJ Hustle

“I Won” – Luis Futon

Kanye made this joint with Future, and Luis Futon made this remix with heaps of future bass. It’s cute and airy, just like a stereotypical trophy wife. You’ll wanna cuff this track, take it out on the town, and show it off. Luis Futon FTW.

“Stronger” – A-Trak

A-Trak and Kanye have a long working history. He’s recorded scratches for his beats and traveled as West’s official tour DJ ever since the rapper happened upon his performance in a London record store. A-Trak initially expressed doubts that Kanye should even mess with Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,” it being a generational anthem that wasn’t yet 10 years old, but it worked out in Kanye’s favor big time, and A-Trak was a real pal on the wicked remix.

“New Slaves Routine” – Craze

Is it cheating to put a turntable routine on remix roundup? Nah, because Craze spent decades honing his craft to get this good. A live Kanye West remix is a Kanye West remix, nonetheless, and this is stupid dumb cool. Funfact: Craze toured with Kanye for his Glow in the Dark tour as A-Trak’s fill-in when the latter was busy handling Fool’s Gold affairs. Big up the dopeness.


Kanye West’s ‘Fade’ Arrives on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart

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HustleTV Music News…. Kanye West picks up his 97th charting hit on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart as “Fade” bows at No. 39 on the Sept. 24-dated list. The entrance is a result of the track’s music video being widely released on Sept. 6 to YouTube, following an exclusivity period on Tidal. Overall streams for the song rise to 4.9 million (up 130 percent) in the week ending Sept. 8, according to Nielsen Music.

Since 2003, when West placed his first hit on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs with “Through the Wire” (No. 8 peak), only two other artists have had more charting titles: Lil Wayne (141) and Drake (143).




Teyana Taylor (Barely) Covered in Gold Leaf in ‘Champions’ Freestyle Clip: Watch

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HustleTV Music News….  If it’s possible, Teyana Taylor is even less covered up in the freestyle video for Kanye West’s “Champions” than she was in the “Flashdance”-inspired viral clip for “Fade” In the just released two-minute stop-motion clip created entirely with photos and shot by photographer Sasha Samsonova, the G.O.O.D Music siren is dressed only in strategic bits of gold leaf while dancing in front of a grey background and wielding a pair of automatic rifles. HustleTV

Taylor, draped in gold chains, covers her face in a black balaclava mask as she sings: “I’ve been getting money/ Where the hell you been?/ No album out and somehow I was getting paid… Champions, we run the city/ No. 1, they fallin’ from the top/ Round and round we go.” The singer/rapper appeared on hook alongside Travis Scott for the first single from the anticipated Cruel Winter collection. DJ Hustle


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Kanye West Joins Francis and the Lights for ‘Friends’ Video

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HustleTV Music News… Francis and the Lights’ profile has been on the rise since 2010 when the Francis Starlite-fronted band toured with Drake, Kesha, La Roux and MGMT. In their new video for “Friends,” the indie pop band bring more of their famous buddies out of the woodwork: Kanye West and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. The minimalistic video may lack the high concept of West’s “Famous,” but the ambient pop track is delicious for summer.

There are many dots to connect between the cameos, reports Rollin Stone. “Friends” is sampled on “Summer Friends” from Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book mixtape. Kanye and Chance worked together on “Ultralight Beam” from The Life of Pablo, and Bon Iver has repeatedly collaborated with West on albums like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The song was also co-written and produced by Vampire Weekend alumni Rostam Batmanglij, BJ Burton and Aaron Lammer. DJ Hustle

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In the weeks following the album’s initial release, Kanye West made tweaks to The Life of Pablo. The move seemed uniquely Kanye, facilitated by a unique rollout that involved only digital distribution rather than pressed physical copies.

It seemed like ’Ye had finally put his brush down and let the paint dry on his seventh solo album, but all that changed overnight when TLOP again underwent a change: “Saint Pablo,” a song which he first debuted live in the days following the album’s release, now appears as the last track on the album. The six-minute opus, featuring Sampha, now appears as the 20th track on streaming services like Tidal and Apple Music. HustleTV

Given how long it’s been since TLOP first dropped, the latest update is a bit surprising. But maybe it shouldn’t be. We were warned this would happen.

“In the months to come, Kanye will release new updates, new versions, and new iterations of the album,” Def Jam said in a statementearlier this year. “An innovative, continuous process, the album will be a living, evolving art project. The Life of Pablo has truly taken on a life of its own.”