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RIP Iconic Star Wars Actress Carrie Fisher Dies at 60: ‘She Was Loved by the World and She Will Be Missed Profoundly’

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HustleTV Entertainment News Carrie Fisher, the actress best known as Star Wars‘ Princess Leia Organa, has died after suffering a heart attack. She was 60.

Family spokesman Simon Halls released a statement to PEOPLE on behalf of Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd:

“It is with a very deep sadness that Billie Lourd confirms that her beloved mother Carrie Fisher passed away at 8:55 this morning,” reads the statement.

Fisher was flying from London to Los Angeles on Friday, Dec. 23, when she went into cardiac arrest. Paramedics removed her from the flight and rushed her to a nearby hospital, where she was treated for a heart attack. She later died in the hospital.

The daughter of renowned entertainers Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, Fisher was brought up in the sometimes tumultuous world of film, theater and television.

Escaping Hollywood in 1973, the star enrolled in the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, where she spent over a year studying acting. HustleTV


Just two years later, though, the bright lights of Hollywood drew her back, and Fisher made her film debut in the Warren Beatty-led Shampoo.

Her role in Star Wars would follow in 1977 – and she detailed the experience, including her on-set affair with costar Harrison Ford, in her  latest memoirThe Princess Diarist. She was only 19 when the first installment of the beloved sci-fi franchise was filmed.


In addition to the second and third Star Wars films – and last year’s The Force Awakens – Fisher starred in 1980’s The Blues BrothersThe Man with One Red Shoe, Woody Allen’s Hannah and Her Sisters in 1986 and, later, When Harry Met Sally.


Fisher wed musician Paul Simon in 1983. It was an explosive marriage, according to Homeward Bound: The Life of Paul Simon author Peter Ames Carlin, and was cut short by swinging stages of depression, the actress’s drug use and an array of personal insecurities. The relationship continued, though, on-and-off for several years after the pair divorced in 1984. HustleTV


Fisher was candid about her substance abuse issues over the decades, starting at only age 13 when she began smoking marijuana, Fisher previously told The Telegraph. She said she later dabbled in drugs like cocaine and LSD. Fisher explored her own issues with addiction in her 1987 best-selling, semi-autobiographical novel, Postcards from the Edge, which was later turned into a movie starring Meryl Streep.

“I never could take alcohol. I always said I was allergic to alcohol, and that’s actually a definition to alcoholism — an allergy of the body and an obsession of the mind,” Fisher told the Herald-Tribune in 2013. “So I didn’t do other kinds of drugs until I was about 20. Then, by the time I was 21 it was LSD. I didn’t love cocaine, but I wanted to feel any way other than the way I did, so I’d do anything.”

In 1985, Fisher was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and she subsequently became an outspoken advocate for mental health awareness.

Throughout much of the ’90s, Fisher focused on her writing career, publishing Surrender the Pink and Delusions of Grandma. In addition, Fisher helped craft the scripts for numerous Hollywood films, going uncredited, for films like The Wedding SingerHook and Sister Act.

Billie Lourd, Fisher’s only child, was born in July 1992. The Scream Queens star’s father, talent agent Bryan Lourd, dated Fisher for three years and is now married to Bruce Bozzi.


In 2005, Fisher was recognized with the Women of Vision Award by the Women in Film & Video – DC. Three years later, Fisher’s Wishful Drinking autobiography was turned into a one-woman stage show and eventually an HBO documentary.

Of returning to the role that launched her career – Leia – for The Force Awakens, Fisher told PEOPLE in 2015, “I knew that something enormous was likely going to impact my life from this film and that there was absolutely no way of understanding what that was or was likely to be.”

The film – which brought Fisher back into the spotlight – earned  her a nomination for the 2016 Saturn Award for best supporting actress.

Just last month, Fisher also revealed her surprising on-set affair with Star Wars costar Harrison Ford in The Princess Diarist, telling PEOPLE of the three-month fling, “It was so intense.” The memoir, which drew from Fisher’s old diaries and notebooks, brought up mixed feelings for the actress.

Fisher added, “It was sad because I was so insecure, and it’s very raw and obviously I didn’t expect anyone — including myself, I suppose later on — to read it.” HustleTV






Cantina Talk: The Start of Star Wars: Episode VIII Revealed (Maybe)

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HustleTV Star Wars News …  IF THE GALAXY far, far away had Twitter (it doesn’t, right?) and that universe tweeted about the movies made there, it would be filled with nothing but 🔥 and 💯 emojis considering all the Star Wars news that’s come out recently. First, we got updates on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars: Episode VIII. Then we got some new information about last year’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens—and that was topped off by word of the new Marvel comic Star Wars: Doctor Aphra, which is launching in a couple of months. (That one will be very good, judging by the Darth Vadercomic with which it shares a writer.) For those who’ve lost track of what’s happening in the worlds of Star Wars, read on. It’s easier than forming a squad of rebels to heist the information, we promise.

Even More Rogue One Is Out There

Source: Lucasfilm’s official licensing partners
Probability of Accuracy: Entirely on point.
The Real Deal: As if the new trailer and new character posters aren’t enough of a sneak at Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, even more images can be found in an unexpected location: Topps’ Star Wars: Card Trader app, which unveiled new Rogue One images, including female X-wing pilots, new aliens, and white Mon Calamari… yes, like Admiral Ackbar, but paler. Oh, and for those who’d rather have more story, there’s this

New Blu-ray to Reveal the Roads Not Taken By The Force Awakens

Source: J.J. Abrams’ directorial voiceover
Probability of Accuracy: Stay on target. Stay on target.
The Real Deal: With the second Blu-ray release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens around the corner (it’s out November 15), many sites are running details from J.J. Abrams’ director’s commentary for the movie that reveals all kinds of information. Like what? For one, the original meeting between Finn and Rey was different. “Originally, they were much more angry at each other, and truthfully it wasn’t working,” Abrams reveals. “The idea was that her life was so isolated, so sad, so without hope, that the most optimistic thing, that was Luke Skywalker himself, was nothing but a Myth. And the idea is that Finn brings this hope to her.” For another, Abrams revealed more of the backstory behind Kylo Ren and Han Solo’s meeting and the influence director Ava DuVernay had on the final lightsaber duel between Kylo and Rey. There was also a deleted scene revealed, showing what happened to Simon Pegg’s character, Unkar Plutt, after he chased after Rey to recover the Millennium Falcon… because that apparently happened, too. It seems like there’s still a lot more to discover about the movie, even a year after its release. HustleTV

The Start of Episode VIII Revealed (Maybe)

Source: Internet rumors from anonymous sources
Probability of Accuracy: Situation hazy, please check in later.
The Real Deal: Episode VIII is more than a year away, but there’s a new rumor claiming to reveal just how the movie will start for one character, at least. Despite ending the previous movie in a coma, Finn will apparently start Episode VIII being cut from a “bacta suit” that will have not only healed his injuries, but left him in better shape than he was in before, prepping him for something described as “a journey that is sure to make him a big deal in the Resistance.” Start speculating about what that might entail—and whether or not it includes going to get Rey, Luke, and Chewie from their island hideaway—while wondering just what it’ll mean for John Boyega that Finn is in better shape than ever. Time to head down the gym a bit more, then…

Well, That’s One Way to Stop the New Jedi Order

Source: Online reports
Probability of Accuracy: According to legal papers, it’s entirely legit.
The Real Deal: Meanwhile, back in a galaxy pretty darn close, Lucasfilm is suing a school that purports to teach people how to best use their lightsabers. The school, which can be found at LightsaberAcademy.com, describes itself as “a consortium of lightsaber practitioners with a culmination of 50 years experience of teaching various swordplay techniques.” (“Culmination”?) Lucasfilm is taking the organization to court alleging trademark infringement and unfair competition. According to the studio, it has served the Academy with multiple notices to change its name with no response outside an attempt to trademark the phrase “Lightsaber Academy, Inc.” The lawsuit seeks up to $2 million in damages, in addition to a permanent injunction against the school. Think of it as the Order 66 of real world legality, perhaps.

Sith Lightsabers Are Red For a Reason

Source: New Star Wars canon, via the Star Wars: Ahsokayoung adult book
Probability of Accuracy: 100 percent real. Or as real as fictional universes get, anyway.
The Real Deal: Have you ever wondered just why lightsabers look the way that they do? Turns out, there’s actually a canonical reason, as revealed in the newly released Star Wars: Ahsoka novel by E.K. Johnson, which hit shelves this month. As noted by Screen Rant, the book explains that Sith lightsabers are always red because the kyber crystals used to power them are stolen by those that use the Dark Side, and forced into action—something that turns the crystals that are traditionally blue or green into red, because it’s “bleeding.” That’s just one of the many small pieces of information in the book, which bridges the Star Wars: Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels animated series, and also features the origins of the Rebellion. No, really. HustleTV




‘Rogue One’ Olympics Trailer Darth Vader Is Going To Kill All These Fools

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HustleTV Entertainment News…. The full trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story aired during the Olympics last night. You’ve seen this already, right? If not, now’s your chance. Or, you could watch it again. Watching it again is great. You get to see all those hopeful faces, doomed to die at the hands of Lord Vader.

Damn Director Krennic, Grand Moff Tarkin and General Hux for their obsession with big weaponry. Were this Vader’s war to run, it would’ve been over by now.

As it stands, the galaxy is trapped in an endless cycle of Death Star Death Star Death Star. And it all begins here, in Rogue One: HustleTV


DJ Hustle HustleTV.tv Hustle

DJ Hustle HustleTV.tv Hustle

HustleTV.tv Darth Vader

Star Wars: Details On Darth Vader’s Rogue One Role Revealed

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This December, moviegoers will flock to theaters to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and with it, they’ll see a familiar face on the big screen once more. It was recently confirmed that Darth Vader will appear in the first live-action spinoff film, which is set right before A New Hope in the Star Wars timeline. His inclusion in the movie was always logical, and it would have been a bigger surprise if the Sith Lord was not in Rogue One(particularly for marketing purposes). HustleTV

The prospect of seeing Vader back at the multiplex is a thrilling one for fans, and many are now wondering just how substantial his role in the project will be. Like The Force Awakens before it, Rogue One is focusing primarily on a fresh batch of characters in the galaxy far, far away, trying to blend the old with the new. On Episode VII, Lucasfilm was wise about how they incorporated returning legacy characters, avoiding the pitfalls of shoehorning in fan-favorites. From the sound of it, that’ll be the case for Rogue One as well.


HustleTV.tv star wars

An Amazing ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Scene Has Been Described By Set Gawkers

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We suppose this was inevitable considering Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: Episode VIII is currently filming in Malin Head, a small village in Ireland which is standing in for Luke’s sadness planet, Ahch-To, which we’d much prefer to call “Luke’s sadness planet”. Those set lookie loos have been having a ball spying on the production, and now they’ve spotted an amazing-sounding scene in progress.


Witnesses have described to Making Star Wars a scene they saw play out, staring Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and six or seven other members the Knights of Ren taking on Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill). If you’re not familiar with the Knights of Ren, they’re Supreme Leader Snoke’s dark side cronies whom Rey saw in the vision she had when she first touched Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber. Here’s the screencap from Rey’s vision: HustleTV



In other words, Kylo Ren tracked down the map to Luke’s sadness planet somehow and is going after Luke and Rey. Witnesses say Kylo isn’t wearing his mask and is dueling one-on-one with Rey next to a cliff. Luke, meanwhile, handily fights off all of the other Knights in this part of the spoiler-filled scene breakdown at Making Star Wars:

The first black knight has an axe and moves towards the Luke but is Force pushed away to his death after being thrown through the air.

‘Tis but a scratch, we’re sure.

After Luke dispatches the first Knight he ignites his green lightsaber.
Luke moves through each Knight one-by-one. Rey and Kylo’s battle moves up to the side of a cliff. Suddenly Rey is nowhere to be seen. She’s taken out of the battle; she’s either wounded or appears to go over the side of the cliff. Luke Skywalker casually walks towards Kylo to finish him but Kylo retreats when he sees his crew defeated. Luke Skywalker is a badass Jedi and he’ll destroy your squad. HustleTV

Damn right Kylo runs, the little bitch.

Anyway, it appears that Rey emerges from the cliff-side fight okay (she is a great climber, after all). No word on if this scene is going to end with Rey or Luke fighting a dog in a canoe, but we do hope it involves Jedi starring contests and Jedi piggy back rides at some point…


‘Star Wars’: J.J. Abrams Reveals Big Clue About Rey’s Parents

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J.J. Abrams has already said he knows who Rey’s parents are, but he of course isn’t naming names.

And speaking at the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday, the Force Awakens director revealed who her parents aren’t.

During the audience Q&A after the talk between Abrams and Chris Rock concluded, a young fan asked the question on many Star Wars fans’ minds: Who are Rey’s parents?

At first Abrams jokingly told the kid to get out. But then he dropped a big clue about the identity of Daisy Ridley’s character’s mom and dad: “Rey’s parents are not in Episode VII. So I can’t possibly say in this moment who they are. But I will say it is something that Rey thinks about, too.”

That information seems to contradict popular speculation that Rey could be Luke’s daughter or the daughter of Luke’s sister Leia, and possibly Han Solo, making her Kylo Ren’s sister.

At the Television Critics Association’s Winter Press Tour, Abrams said of Rey’s parents: “I know quite a bit.”

“Obviously it’s not for me to talk about in this moment because this is [Episode VIII director] Rian [Johnson]’s story to continue now,” Abrams continued. “The last thing I’m going to do is reveal something that he would be upset about. I want to make sure that Rian gets the courtesy that he showed me.”

But with many more Star Wars films in the pipeline, including Episode VIII, perhaps in time fans, and Rey, will find out more about her family.

By Hilary Lewis