Why You Have To Hustle To Get DJing Achievement

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Why You Have To Hustle To Get DJing Achievement.

I’m always banging on about how you need to get gigs to really learn DJing – and unless you’re one of those DJs who’s happy messing around in your bedroom doing mixes for only yourself to hear, I stand right by that: No crowd, no deal. DJing is done in public. It’s a two-way thing, and it can’t be two way if it’s only you there. Thing is, to get those gigs, you need to hustle – and many people aren’t at all comfortable with that, especially beginners. DJ Hustle

“I’m not good enough!” they say. Well sorry, I’m going to hit you with it: You’ll never get good enough unless you get out of your comfort zone and land those gigs.  DJ Hustle

YallWest DJ Hustle www.HustleTV.tv

YallWest DJ Hustle www.HustleTV.tv

Luckily, you don’t have to be an amazing DJ to start playing in public. The important thing is that you need to start. I’m going to tell you some of my own story, and then introduce you to two other DJs – Elliot and Peter – to show you exactly what I mean. About four years into my “club” DJing career, I was running my own club night, playing every Saturday to 500+ people. I was a fully professional DJ and promoter. I was paying the club hire fee, the doormen, the other DJs. I was making enough money to be buying my own house from what was left over. I was in touch with agents and booking big names, who were playing alongside me. Other times, when we had no big names playing, I would play the night either with my resident DJ partner or even on my own. Our crowd was loyal, and people often commented that the resident-only nights were better than the guest DJ nights!  Follow Hustle on Twitter @DJHustle or Instagram DJHustle2407


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