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5 Beauty Brands to Tryout In 2021

Written By Genavese Harris

The cosmetic industry is blossoming with skincare, and cosmetic brands for any person add to their beauty routine. You have established beauty brands adding product lines to their brand; new and upcoming brands you can choose from can be hard to see what brands are worth the money.

Because there is so much to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming to which brands are worth buying. You often need a guide as to where to start. Here are five beauty brands to look into and possibly insert into your makeup collection this year.

Mented Cosmetics

Mented Cosmetics is a new cosmetics brand that is slowly becoming a top leader in the beauty industry. It black-owned brand established by two African American women in their Harlem Apartment; currently, you can find their products on their website and Target. Their most popular products are their vegan lipsticks.

5 Beauty Brands to Tryout


Imagine a brand using nontoxic brands with high-quality products; look no further Kosas Cosmetics is just that. Kosas Cosmetics is a nontoxic product Kosas Cosmetics are free of harsh chemicals such as paraben and sulfates. You can purchase on the company website, Sephora, and certain department stores. Kosas takes time to craft vegan-based products for their clients.

5 Beauty Brands to Tryout in 2021

Stellar Beauty

Stellar Beauty was created for a person who has trouble finding their shade of makeup. They have over 35 different shades, which makes it easy to find your shade. Stellar Beauty’s products can purchase their products at Ulta, Sephora, and the company website.

5 Beauty Brands

Juvia’s Place

This African inspired brand is an indie cosmetic brand on the rise. Juvia’s Place has playful and eye-catching packaging that tends to captivate a person’s eye. Their most popular item is their eyeshadows. You can purchase Juvia at Ulta and the company website. Juvia’s Place is a brand that will be at the forefront of the beauty industry.

5 Beauty Brands to Tryout

UOMA Beauty

UOMA Beauty creates products for all skin types. UOMA was created by an African American woman that wanted to produce products that would complement all skin types. They have great foundations that are lightweight that look great on everyone. UOMA Beauty can be purchased on the company website, ULTA Beauty, and Sephora. UOMA Beauty is a brand you won’t regret to add to your makeup collection.

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