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  7 Color Trends for the Fall

Written By Genavese Harris

Summer is ending, and the fall is steadily approaching, which means it is time to change up the colors in the wardrobe. The fall season wardrobe, in most cases, is about the dark and rich colors. On the Fall/Winter runways, some spring/summer color trends made its way into the F/W season.  On the runways, there were eye-catching, vibrant, and rich colors presented.

So, you want to know more about the colors that were very dominant on the runways? Keep reading and learn more about the seven color trends for the fall season.

Red Wine

Burgundy is always the prominent color for the fall season, but this fall, the burgundy shade is Red Wine.  This rich red shade works well with colors such as black, neutrals, green, and white.  


The shade of grays is making its way. Gray, on the runway, was the color that took everyone by storm. When it comes to putting an outfit together with gray, try it with green, burgundy, white, and shades of brown.

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Certain shades of green are must-haves for the fall, such as olive green and hunter green. This fall season, along with the deep rich hues of greens, the lighter shades of green are the trend. This fall season try mixing your darker shades of green with the lighter shades of green.

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Magenta is such a vibrant color for the fall. It brings another element to add to your closet. Magenta goes well with neutrals, black, and pink. This season add the color magenta into your wardrobe.

Bright Orange

Orange this season is another color shown on runways, specifically bright orange. To make a fantastic outfit with bright orange, you should match it with bright pink and neutrals.  

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Fiery Red

Red will forever be in the fall season palette. Fiery red (bright red) is the shade of red for this season.  Fiery red is bests paired with black and neutral colors. If you want to turn heads this season, wear fiery red.

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Electric Blue

Every season has a color that is “THE” color of the season and for this fall it is blue, specifically electric blue. Blue is the shade that is dominant many collections this season. Be sure to add electric blue into your wardrobe this season.

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