HustleTV Big Daddy Kane vs Krs One DJ Hustle

Big Daddy Kane vs Krs One

HustleTV is reporting that the latest Verzuz battle recently happened between Big Daddy Kane and KRS One. It was streamed live as fans were able to let their voices be heard no matter where they are from around the world. Yes, the streaming platform allows you to interact with other hip-hop fans no matter where you may be. The huge event features tons of artists who popped up unannounced including Mad Lion and Eric B. Out of all the guests, Roxanne Shante got the loudest pop especially when she was just starting to sing her songs. Before she started, she gave props to the 50 years the two rappers gave to the industry.

HustleTV Big Daddy Kane vs Krs One DJ Hustle

Big Daddy Kane was fast to acknowledge what Roxanne Shante gave to him and other hip-hop artists. He told the entire world that they would not be where they are right now if it was not for Roxanne. The two hip-hop legends sang plenty of familiar songs. The crowd was very much into the event as some were seen singing along to the wonderful songs. Both rappers don’t have much new material up to the public but everyone knows who the two legends were. Even if the entire thing went for about two hours, there was not a single boring moment. Everyone was always awaiting either the next song or the next performer. It was indeed a night when the hits just kept on coming. Big Daddy Kane is 53 years old but he still managed to bust a few moves and even jump into the crowd for a few minutes. It was a move that not many were expecting. It turns out he always keeps himself in great shape.

It is evident Kane vs Krs One is a battle that lived up to the hype. Now, fans are pretty excited for whatever it is that these two artists have planned. The uphill battle also got fans excited for the next Verzuz which will happen in a few days. Right from watching these rappers show what they bring to the table, you would want to download what they performed so that you can hear the songs again inside your car or your earphones. Some rappers paid tribute to rappers who recently died by singing some of their songs. It was indeed touching moments for some of their family and friends who were there. The crowd at Barclays Center was on their seats the entire night and the last Verzuz that happened there was the one between Ja Rule and Fat Joe. It is amazing how the fans still knew some of the songs the two rappers performed as some were really back in the day. It shows how much the hip-hop world has grown to love these two and what they brought to the table. There is no doubt they would feel motivated to make more music for their fans. If not, we can always enjoy the songs they sang at the event as all the songs are good.

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