Canelo Alvarez Win Over Caleb Plant HustleTV DJ Hustle

Canelo Alvarez Win Over Caleb Plant

Canelo Alvarez has officially become an undisputed world champion in the history of international boxing. This pound-for-pound champion is also the first-ever Mexican fighter to have the title. Other than that, he is also the first boxer to unify all four recognized titles at 168 pounds.

Canelo Alvarez Win Over Caleb Plant HustleTV DJ Hustle

Defeating Caleb Plant, Alvarez adjusted to his opponent’s speed as soon as the opening round began in the ring. He was doing his absolute best to try to corner Plant. Although Plant (21-1, 12 KOs) slowed down during the fight’s second half, he did not throw any successful punches towards Alvarez (57-1-2, 39 KOs).

During the penultimate round, Canelo’s deadly left hook followed by his ferocious uppercut sent Plant’s gloves to the canvas. Plant never even had the chance to recover after that. His legs had become unsteady as he tried to escape Alvarez’s deadly punches. Closing in with heavy shots dropping on Plant, referee Russel Mora had no other choice but to halt Round 11 at 1:05.

“I went for the kill. That is the way I had to finish our fight.”

“For the history of Mexico, being an undisputed champion truly means so much to me.” said Canelo. He also earned a guaranteed $40 million after winning this fight. “I have big respect for Caleb Plant. He sure was very difficult to fight. He has a lot of ability. I truly respect the fighter.”

Scoring a pair of knockdowns during Round 11, the loud and supportive crowd rooting for Alvarez gave him a standing ovation as the referee Russell Mora waved the fight off. According to ShoStats, Alvarez had a margin of 117-101. His body shots were good advantages he managed to use by a 53-13 margin.

The fighters finally embraced each other to somehow make up for a Sept. 22 press conference where they traded punches.

“After all, we are men at the end of the fight. Although he wanted to compete, I told him ‘We really had a great fight today. No shame!’ At one point he also apologized to me for the incident and said he did not mean it like that. I just told him it really was okay. We kept going after” Alvarez is asked he would move up to 175 pounds after this success, but he said he was still unsure about it.

On the other hand, Plant earned $10 million. Without doing any interview, he left the ring quickly. It is his first defeat in his entire career. He got transported to University Medical Center to observe injuries he may have suffered from the fight. Plant’s whole left side of his body had become red quite early. Alvarez relentlessly broke Plant down with such dedicated and deadly body attacks. It was the number one strategy he has repeatedly been using as he climbed his way up to the top of the sport.

Plant is quite known for his defensive ability, not his power. It is clearly shown during the fight. But, unfortunately, this defense did not work against Alvarez’s deadly punches that kept swarming round after round.

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