HustleTV Catching Up With Luniz Rap Group Member YukMouth

Catching Up With Luniz Rap Group Member YukMouth

Written By Zaina Cummins

On January 24, 2021, a virtual interview took place with Dj Hustle and rapper YukMouth. 

Jerold Dwight Ellis III (born October 18, 1974), better known by his stage name Yukmouth, is an American rapper from East Oakland, Oakland, California. He is the founder of The Regime, Smoke-A-Lot Records and Godzilla Entertainment. He is a member of Thug Lordz with C-Bo. 

HustleTV Catching Up With Luniz Rap Group Member YukMouth

He has also appeared in movies, one being Luniz: I still got 5 on it! 

During this interview, Yukmouth expressed his frustration in the music industry as of today. 

“The industry is fu**ed up,” he said. “We haven’t been able to do shows. I have done a show in about a couple months.” 

He then proceeds by staging that he and his colleagues have been booked in the last year because of his medical cannabis community or in other words, marijuanna tours. 

People were masked up as safety and health regulations required, but YukMouth explains that he wants things to be opened back up, as we all do. 

“I want that stuff to be opened back up. I got a taste for that going to Oklahoma because they were wide open,” said YukMouth. 

He proceeds. 

“Their strip clubs, their night clubs, wide open; and then I come back to Cali and we are on strict lockdown.” 

Further conversation is the two indulging in stage experiences for the first time and climbing their way up to the top after starting off small. 

Discussing big moments in YukMouth’s career like when he performed with Biggie Smalls, Mary J. Blidge, Lil Kim and many more. 

To wrap up the interview, YukMouth explains that he still has his foot in the industry as well as many other things to produce multiple sources of income. 

The East Oakland rapper has not gone anywhere, he is still very much around and still surrounded by success.

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