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Curtis Elerson Hustler Of The week

1) Curtis  , please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today? 

Man, I’ve lived long enough to have seen some things and live to tell about them. So me and two of my friends, Dion and Dean were driving to Cal from Seattle and they kept begging me about telling them some stories about life. I said ok and then my boy Dion told Dean to type everything down and that’s where it all started on a road trip to Cal. 

HustleTV Hustler Of The week

2) Has it been a smooth road being a movie producer?

 On my end I can’t complain it’s hasn’t been as hard as I know it could have been. Money is the key to success in the movies business always try to find an investor or partner up with a very good friend or fmaily memeber you can trust. 

Curtis Elerson Hustler Of The week

3) A familiar Lie: how did this movie come to be? 

Well I had started shooting another movie I wrote titled GOT U when I was approached by someone that wanted be in movies in invest in their career so we talked and I put my movie on hold and started writing “A Familiar Lie”. 

HustleTV Curtis Elerson Hustler Of The week DJ Hustle

4) Who has played a meaningful role in your life?

 My mother and dad 100%. 

5) What else should our readers know about you? 

I love to have fun when I shoot a movie but I don’t play about getting a great production done. I pride myself on great production no matter what the movie budget is.  

HustleTV Curtis Elerson Hustler Of The week DJ Hustle

6) How many other movies have you produced? 

1. Paper In My Pockets 24/7, 2 Den of Darkness, 3 Hey Mr. Postman, 4 Cooking show “Hood Cooking” 5 Reality show “Seeds of hip Hop” VH1, 6 Documentary “My Life Over The Top” 7 Documentary “Blind And Battered the blind kingpin, 8 A Familiar Lie, 9 Blunt News.  Man I didn’t realize I’ve completed all these projects along with the proof of con-cepts I have shot. 

Curtis Elerson Hustler Of The week

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