Haney Stops Mason Menard in Nine DJ Hustle Hustle

Devin Haney Stops Mason Menard in Nine

Philadelphia – In a lightweight conflict, Devin Haney (19-0, 13 KOs), 19-years of age, made a major stride up in class, and overwhelmed Mason Menard (33-3, 24 KOs) for a stoppage win in nine rounds.

Haney turned out with a sharp punch in the first round. Haney was utilizing side to side development, was considerably speedier than Menard and was labeling him up with some hard punches.

Menard was attempting to remove the separation in the second round, yet he was being beat down and couldn’t draw sufficiently near to Haney. The youthful boxer was fast with his hands and feet, not enabling Menard to do anything.

Menard was trudging forward in the third round, with not very many modifications being made – as Haney was ruling him with speed and precise punches to the head. Haney Stops Mason Menard in Nine DJ Hustle Hustle Haney Stops Mason Menard in Nine DJ Hustle Hustle

The fourth and fifth rounds were commanded by Haney, who started to open up additional with blends. Menard was at that point extremely baffled by the 6th round. He just couldn’t get up to speed to Haney at any minute amid the activity. Haney started to take a seat on his punches all the more frequently in the last moment. HustleTV

The seventh round was business as usual. Menard was not taking any risks, choosing to pursue Haney all around the ring. In the eight round Haney was taking as much time as is needed, working his punches and controlled the majority of the activity.

Haney kept on taking a seat on his punches in the ninth, possibly hoping to close the show and he was beating down Menard. The corner chose to stop the battle preceding the tenth round.

Likewise on the card, a skirmish of super bantamweights saw Joshua Greer (17-1-1, 9 KOs), score an eight round stoppage of Glenn Dezurn (9-2-1, 6 KOs). DJ Hustle