DJ Nasty New Hustler Of The Week

1) Nasty Nes , please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

I started officially on commercial radio in 1980 on Seattle’s 1250 KFOX. I started the first west coast all rap radio show called “KFOX FRESHTRACKS.” I got a lot of complaints from listeners who said rap was a fad & it won’t last. I refused to believe that & predicyed in 1980 that in 20 years, people will be able to earn a living with Hip Hop. When MixALot & I first hooked up in 1983 a lot of people didn’t believe in his music. Back then it wasnt common to hear a rap artist unless you were from New York. I believed in MixALot, my request lines convinced me off of playing his music off a cassette that he is about to put Seattle on the Hip Hop map! After BET & MTV visited Seattle & featured us on their network we knew we were about to blow up! 2 RIAA certified Gold & Platinum albums!

DJ Nasty New Hustler Of The Week HustleTV

2) Growing up in Seattle was a smooth road?

In the beginning I heard it all, I was wack, weak, etc.. But whenever I dj’d at an event, there’d be 5000 heads showing up. It was hard convincing a&r’s from NY that MixALot I believed was going to hit big. What made my journey a success since 1980 was I had the ONLY all rap radio show, so ALL the records knew who to send records to to break their music. I’ve got over 50 Gold & Platinum plaques on my walls to show my accomplishments.
3) When did you first fall in love with Hip Hop

After I heard Sugar Hill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight!
4) How did it feel to be one of the first hip hop artist to have a gold record?

What makes this feeling extra special is that I am a filipino who moved to the states when i was 10 years old. I set a goal & achieved it. I wanted to be like Bruce Lee. He moved to Seattle & started his Jun Fan Gung Fu school. I moved to Seattle & introduced Seattle to Hip Hop. Bruce Lee became an actor, I too became an actor in “KUNG POW! Enter The Fist,” “House Party 4” to name a few.

DJ Nasty New Hustler Of The Week Whodini

5) What was the driving force behind K fox radio when you started in Seattle?

1250 KFOX was the ONLY AM radio station to play R&B & Hip Hop. We took over the Seattle airwaves. I was the first to introduce mixing records on the radio & playing local music.

6) How do you feel when fans come up to you and say Yo it’s Nasy Nes i’m calling from seattle to be on Eazy e record Radio. 

I absolutely LOVE it! I wish my mom was alive to see it. I grew up with very low self esteem, overweight & felt ugly. Wearing the sunglasses my trademark, let me hide behind the lenses & gave me confidence. To be on Eazy-E’s record really put validation & a stamp of approval for me on the Hip Hop tip!

DJ Nasty New Hustler Of The Week

7) Who has played a meaningful role in your life?

My Gung Fu teacher Sifu Taky Kimura. He runs Bruce Lee’s school & has been a father figure to me since I was 13 years old. My sister Ann as well. For my high school graduation gift, she gave me the book “Think & grow Rich” by Napolean Hill. I hate reading but that book helped me get to where I’m at today

.8) What else should our readers know about you?

That I put Jesus Christ first in my life. I used to smoke a lot of cigarettes, drink Old English, Do drugs & was very unfaithful do my first wife & girlfriends. I regret all that & have asked for forgiveness. I want to be a positive role model & touch other people’s life in a positive way. I hope I touched yours!Nasty-Nesaka the Crazy PinoyJOHN 3:!6

DJ Nasty New Hustler Of The Week

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