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DJ Nothinnice Hustler Of The Week

1) DJ Nothinnice , please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

Well, it all started when I was in the military,  I used to go out and hear djs that didn’t transition from song to song well, it got on my nerves. Coming from a background of music (singing, playing instruments). And my uncle being a dj, the passion was always there. So I bought two “BELT DRIVE” turntables, to excited to look at the type of turntables they were, I had to use them and learn with other djs from around the area that took me under their wing and taught me  and put me in front of crowds (no less than 500 people) and told me to rock it! Of course I rocked it (wasn’t getting embarrassed, plus I practiced my behind off).

DJ Nothinnice Hustler Of The Week

The process was easy for me to catch on the techniques from beat matching, scratching, blending and other various skill sets. But I still didn’t have the key qualities that a crowd rocker should have. And that was talking to the crowd, was I nervous? Nah not really, I just was in my zone and I watched the people vibe and a few people would dance but actually pulling people from their seats, my mentor at the time told me, “Yo Nice talk to the people bro, ENTERTAIN them!” I was like “Word”. And from that point on I have rock shows from different states and it has led me now to owning Nothin Nice Radio. In which I am very very grateful!

2) Being a DJ has it been a smooth road? 

Being a dj has not been a smooth road, from being in a position of having and making revenue all the time, to having and being in situations that weren’t the best for me and my brand. The times of practicing, not just the skills portion but actually understanding people’s love for music.

Each person is different when it comes to music, some people listen and enjoy music to meditate. While others use it to make love. The point is that being a Dj does more than just spin hits that people like and introduce them to up and coming artists (should be doing) but more.

HustleTV DJ Nothinnice Hustler Of The Week

Giving people the music that may have helped them through their day when they tune into you is what it’s about. 
Has the financial portion always been good? Definitely not in the beginning stages, remember I had mentors, and of course they would share some of the profits made but I had to earn my way.

A Lot of the local djs had guaranteed gigs, but a lot of my time in Tennessee (S/O to all the djs in Tennessee), they would give me gigs they couldn’t make and also based on my relationships that I BUILT with them. They allowed me to pursue my DJing passion and I will forever be grateful to all my mentors in Tenn. To be honest to all my mentors all over from each state and country.

3) How do you think the hip hop industry will change over the next decade?

I feel that music will always have a place for evolution based on the ideal of the influences of sound. Many people in the Hip Hop community are and will be influenced by all types of sounds and influential music and artists from around the world.

Hustler Of The Week

So over the next decade Hip Hop will change and even evolve with artists with collective mindsets and it will be in good hands. Many people don’t believe that the music is different in today’s time.  Which is totally false, there are many artists that value the wording of Hip Hop. Its the point of actually looking for the Hip Hop by your definition.

The types of artists that people think of have a certain lyric content to artists that are strictly for entertainment are what people are forgetting.  Music in general and being a true artist has been about painting pictures that when people look at it, they can find and relate to the painting. It was never meant to stay stagnant, as some people persist it should be.  The World changes and so should the artist that makes music in any genre. It’s about evolving for the masses, not for selfish reasons and forgetting that music touches all lives not just mine or the peoples that only like a certain style of Music.

4) You are a Grammy member, how did that come about?

Yes, through the school of Full Sail University (Alumni), it was a club called GrammyU which gave Music students the opportunity to see some of the great works the The Recording Academy has to offer.

( When you’re a part of elite schools they want to give you different opportunities to not only give you the portion of the academic side of the house (getting good grades, being on time to class) but also giving you real world experiences. But going through the club and following directions and the necessary steps they talked to me about. I was recommended to become a Grammy Member with background checks and works done within the industry my application was approved! 

DJ Nothinnice Hustler Of The Week

5 Nothinnice radio how did it come about?

In my journey throughout my career I have been blessed to meet all types of people in different areas of the industry. Through my journey I met with people that have allowed me to be in situations with radio, interview major and indie artist. Learning the crowd of radio the networking in meet and greets and open mics as well as different dj events all over the world.

Listening and taking in the information that was provided I wanted to make more of a Worldwide impact. So learning this and knowing what it actually took I committed to Nothin Nice Radio “Giving You Exclusive Music and Interviews Worldwide”. And have been running the station ever since focused on all music and all artists from all over the World.

 6) How has Covid-19 changed the way you do things?

Covid-19 has changed the way I do things by allowing me to seriously buckle down on fine tuning the things necessary to make Nothin Nice Radio more of a Brand. Also it has made me focused more on the business side of the house making the company more accessible for the people.

HustleTV DJ Nothinnice Hustler Of The Week DJ Hustle

Really sitting back and seeing what people like to watch, listen to in all areas of the World. From Social to Sports information to the community has been and will always be the most important for Nothin Nice Radio. So the focus and goal has not change just the world and how we do things (Safely)

7) Who has played a meaningful role in your life?

My uncle has played a meaningful role in my life. Mainly because he was the one who showed me a lot of things and really had me wanting to be a Dj. I used to go out with him late at night and put paper flyers on people’s cars.

I even watch him talk to people and get them in the mood based on his conversation, into the people wanting to come listen to my Uncle Dj. That showed me the power of music that day and every since then I wanted to dj. I never told my Uncle this because he used to always discourage me to be a DJ, so that made me want it even more. The funny thing is that he didn’t even tell me his dj name, but I never asked. 

8) What’s next for DJ Nothinnice in the future?

What’s next for Dj Nothin Nice in the future? We have projects upcoming with Nothin Nice Records from spoken word to hits. More Impact Community Awards for those who are doing great works in the community. Nothin Nice Gaming with great opportunities for gamers and the gaming community. Grammy focuses on encouraging those who want to be a part of The Recording Academy and making sure we lead the next leaders to greatness. And above all spreading love to each community and genre to and making the World love more each day.

We also provide red carpet hosting services as guests walk into your event one of our hosts will interview the guest. Photographyis one of our services feel free to contact at anytime 24 hours a day.

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