Dr. Dre Finally Agrees To Pay $2M In Spousal Support

Written By Zaina Cummins

There’s a new development in Dr. Dre’s divorce from Nicole Young: The rapper has agreed to pay his estranged wife nearly $2 million total in temporary spousal support, according to multiple reports. 

Dr. Dre Finally Agrees To Pay $2M In Spousal Support

Dre’s wife since 1996 had filed legal papers in September seeking installments of $1.9 million each month, plus another $5 million to pay her attorney. 

In his official response at the time, Dre said the couple had a prenuptial agreement. Young argued that she had been forced to sign the document and that her husband had later torn it up. 

Now, in a deal their lawyers have reached, the “Next Episode” artist won’t pay the $5 million. Young will reportedly be responsible for her own legal costs. 

As TMZ reports, Dre, whose real name is Andre Young, will continue to pay for his wife’s living expenses at her home in Malibu and the cost of her mother’s place in Los Angeles’s tony Pacific Palisades neighborhood. He won’t be responsible for the cost of Young’s security.

Dr. Dre Finally Agrees To Pay $2M In Spousal Support

The terms will stand at least until their next divorce hearing, set for April. Reportedly, he signed this latest agreement with Young from his hospital bed at L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he was taken Monday after suffering a brain aneurysm. However, in an update Tuesday night, Dre himself said that he was “doing great.”

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