Bellinger Disses Tory Lane On His New Records YIKES

Eric Bellinger Disses Tory Lane On His New Records YIKES

After Bellinger dissed Tory Lanez on Lanez’s very own variant melody “Hate to Say,” Bellinger makes the diss a stride further, this time calling out Lanez in the “Wow” video. In the Networkingz-coordinated visual, Bellinger hammers Lanez for taking the style of different specialists and burrows a grave for Lanez’s Memories Don’t Die album.

“Stole a vibe from Trey Songz/Took a stream of from K. Speck/Kinda solid like Fetty Wap/Dammit Tory, when will it stop?” Bellinger sings. Bellinger Disses Tory Lane On His New Records YIKES DJ Hustle Bellinger Disses Tory Lane On His New Records YIKES DJ Hustle

Later in the video, Bellinger adds a touch of parody to the visuals, having a man go into an accommodation store and endeavor to get a discount for the Memories Don’t Die extend. “I require my cash back,” the man says in the wake of attempting to restore the collection.

“I needed to make a video that coordinated the vitality of the melody,” Bellinger shares to HustleTV of the motivation for the “Wow” visual. ” I’ve done what’s needed recordings that were splendidly perfect and cleaned yet this one required a more crude, straight-to-the-point vibe. Didn’t overthink it, didn’t stress over a major spending plan. Just pulled up the whips, drew out the hood… What’s more, the YIKES! Shirts and advised the homie to squeeze record.”

The quarrel between Eric Bellinger and Tory Lanez started in June when Bellinger got out Lanez on Twitter for utilizing his “This gon’ be your main tune” tag on his tunes. “Test my music, emulate my sound, duplicate my style.. Be that as it may, with regards to my image, locate your own particular @torylanez,” Bellinger tweeted.

While Lanez didn’t specify Bellinger by name on the thoughtful track, “Hate to Say,” it shows up he’s rapping about the California craftsman when he says, “R&B niggas with Sisqó hair styles, wilding and styling/They dissing, figure they just tryna turn into a web sensation.”

Up next for Bellinger, the craftsman is planning for the arrival of his next undertaking, Eazy Call. Hustle

“My new collection, Eazy Call, drops this Friday! One of my most loved ventures of mine to date,” the artist shares. “Sounds from each kind all durably interlaced into one sound, got craftsmen from Ne-Yo to Tink on, it’s insane! Eager to put it out and hit the street for visit and additionally drop more music consistently. Gracious, and to secure this Grammy!”

Set to discharge on Friday (April 6), the 15-track venture highlights visitor appearances from Wale, Dom Kennedy, Ma$e and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. DJ Hustle