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How Terence Crawford beat Shawn Porter

It was supposed to be Terence Crawford’s coronation, but in his wake laid a battered body of the defeated. Terence TKO’d Shawn Porter after an explosive encounter that left both men bloodied and bruised. Crawford was victorious in this highly anticipated matchup, but it came at a cost.

The fight started off slow with Terence playing the part of matador while Shawn ran straight into Terence’s golden gloves looking for any opening he could find to land a big shot on Terence. However, Terence had other plans as he switched up were to attack coming forward with three punch combos before moving back out of range. Terence would keep Shawn at bay until the end of round 1, when Terence dropped that lethal right hand. 

How Terence Crawford beat Shawn Porter

Terence continues to stalk Shawn round after round looking for that big shot, but Shawn can keep Terence at bay with his quick hands and feet, which forces Terence to take the center of the ring. Yet Terence wouldn’t fall back, and he immediately comes forward trying to land that one punch that would end the fight early. Terence then lands another right hand, dropping Shawn again. Terence then came in for the finish, closing out round 2, landing unanswered punches dropping the Brooklyn fighter both times before referee David Fields stopped TKOing Shawn Porter, giving Terence Crawford another highlight-reel victory as his opponents are now 1-1 vs. Terence’s record.

Terence Crawford opens up by showing off his speed. Shawn Porter counters Terence with some solid shots. Terence has a smile on his face as he pops out jabs here and there. Terence goes for a check hook.

Terence shows great head movement when Shawn is pressing the action early in the

Terence starts to land tough body shots on Shawn.

Terence is boxing beautifully in the middle of the pocket and landing strong counter punches when Shawn attempts to close: Terence gains momentum going into round 8 by using good feints and movement to set up power punches.

Terence Crawford stops fighting in a particular way that for him, which was not allowing Terence to use his speed and footwork to counter, Terence returns to his usual way of boxing. Terence starts landing solid combinations again.

Terence starts landing another barrage of punches which ends the fight. Terence Crawford takes out Shawn Porter with a lot of ease as he uses his superior boxing ability that is too much for the younger Shawn Porter.

In conclusion, Terence Crawford was always going to have success against Shawn Porter if he stuck to his boxing fundamentals and did not fight in a particular way which he altered from early on in this fight. Terence is one of those unique talents who can adapt mid-fight and return back to usual ways without losing effectiveness. This is an excellent win for Terence, as many felt that Shawn would be Terence’s biggest test to date. Terence quickly passed that test. Terence Crawford is now one step closer to being mentioned in pound-for-pound talks.

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