Hulu and Blumhouse Try to Get Under Your Skin with Tentacles Now Streaming HustleTV

Hulu and Blumhouse Try to Get Under Your Skin with Tentacles Now Streaming

Written By Matthew Sadowski

The newest addition to the Hulu/Blumhouse monthly horror film series Into The Dark is the “sexy” monster flick Tentacles, starring Dana Drori as a lovesick wanderer with a strange past, and Casey Deidrick as the hunky photographer she settles down with.

Tentacles begins as Tara (Drori) wanders from open house to open house, looking for a place to slip away to grab some necessities or even a day’s rest. She is eventually found by Sam (Deidrick), a retail photographer whom Tara had just overheard having an argument with a woman, Esther (Kasey Elise). A lightbulb goes off in Tara’s head as she discovers that Eshter is merely his business partner/best friend… just friends. The pair start flirting, one thing leads to another, and Tara spends the night with Sam. The two hit it off so well, that after only a few weeks the pair decide to live together. However, Tara begins to act more and more paranoid out of the belief that she is being stalked by a vengeful ex-boyfriend (Evan Williams) and Sam develops a piercing earache that his doctor cannot explain. As Esther begins to question the motives of Tara, Sam must make a choice between listening to his best friend or his mysterious new lover.

Hulu and Blumhouse Try to Get Under Your Skin with Tentacles Now Streaming

Monsters with a sexual twist is a great element of the horror genre, having been used highly successfully in movies like It Follows, Teeth, and Alien. The mixing of those two powerful emotions, fear and desire, can create wonderfully creepy visuals and scenarios. Tentacles plays with the anxiety around not being able to see things through your partner’s eyes; to wish you could understand what they want. 

Hulu and Blumhouse Try to Get Under Your Skin with Tentacles Now Streaming

Besides that, however, the “sex” aspect of the monster is a bit underused. There’s eerie moments with the titular slippery, phallic tentacles, but the monster has surprisingly little screen-time. When it is on screen, the monster just tries to strangle and gobble its victims like you’ve seen in a million other movies. The focus of the movie is on the characters, but things move too quickly to really get a sense of dread to share with Tara or Sam. Drori and Deidrick do give some decent “arguing couple” scenes, but these moments are often not reinforced with the patience that portraying an on-screen relationship would require. Tentacles is not a bad horror movie, but it does not have nearly enough fun with its subject matter as you would expect.


Directed by: Clara Aranovich

Starring: Dana Drori, Casey Deidrick, Kasey Elise, Evan Williams



Streaming on: Hulu

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