Justin Timberlake Drops New Album Man Of The Woods

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Justin Timberlake Drops New Album Man Of The Woods

With his first album in five years, the Prince of Pop yet again produces a completely new sound
with his fifth studio album, Man of the Woods! Just a little over a week since its release, and
there have been many… mixed reviews on the project, Man of the Woods showcases a 37-year-
old Justin Timberlake in a completely different lighting. With production from The Neptunes,
Timbaland, and more, the album is completely innovative. I think what makes it stand out so
much is its risk factor. Man of the Woods mixes various genres and musical elements to produce
an entirely new vibe. Hustle

Timberlake, Timaland, and The Neptunes mesh country, Americano, and southern vibes with
trap production, futuristic beats and 808’s simply to die for. The atmosphere is set firstly with the
album’s first track, its lead single Filthy. The record emits FutureSex/Love Sounds energy and
even feels like a somewhat slowed down version of “Sexyback” The production is immaculate
along with Timberlake’s zesty vocals. Midnight Summer Jam is no doubt one of the best records
on the project. It mixes, funk, R&B, disco, and pop all into one track and I’m completely here for
it. Next thing you know, they are hearing a harmonica go off the best way possible. The
production is what truly makes this album stand out from anything JT has created before. Justin
goes back to the basics with “Higher Higher” which is undoubtedly one of my favorite tracks on
the project. His soulful essence and voice on the song relays such “Cry Me A River” feels that it

gives goosebumps on the first listen; Add The Neptunes production and this is a hit. By the time
you reach the breakdown, you’re shouting with Justin. HustleTV

Justin Timberlake Drops New Album Man Of The Woods
Justin Timberlake Drops New Album Man Of The Woods

Of course, the album is not impervious to those unnecessary, more than likely to be skipped
tracks of course but even those are pretty catchy and playful. Some of the records are not as
memorable, too repetitive and somewhat fail in the mission of meshing in country and southern
appeal with pop and R&B.

Other standouts on the album arrive with songs like the album’s second single, “Supplies” and
the soulful, Alicia Keys assisted, “Morning Light.” Supplies successfully accomplishes the
perfect balance of pop, R&B and even trap. The moment the beat drops and you hear Justin
bellowing, “I got supplies,” you’re ready to go insane with him. The song makes you want to
dance, the production is flawless, and Justin shows that charismatic appeal that we have seen
inside of him for years. On the other hand, Morning Light is lighter and more intimate. Justin’s
voice has a deeper, raspier feel. He sings from his heart as he and Alicia sing about the love they
have for their partners. Alicia’s vocals are beautiful, and the two create such a harmony with this
track. Another personal favorite arrives with Flannel. With heavenly vocal display, Flannel
makes for such a beautiful country ballad. Many may not care for this track but it is actually
great. Justin’s voice is amazing and the song relays pure feels. The last standout of the album
arrives with Montana. Montana is just so funky, yet it has a futuristic appeal. It is very
psychedelic. Justin brings that soul that caused us all to fall in love with him. Montana is one of
those gems hidden because of its location in the track list but it is not to be overlooked. It has
hints of 70’s R&B and much vintage appeal but manages to still sound fresh.

The album ends with “Young Man,” an ode to Justin’s young son, Silas. The song is so pure and
heartfelt. Justin speaks directly to his son and honestly it is one of the album’s most precious
moments. He assures to his son that while he grows and learns, he will be there for him and that
he will never be alone. I found myself wanting to just tell my dad I loved him after listening to it
Young Man is catchy, moving, and personal. It is a perfect way to end the album that was
inspired by Silas and Timberlake’s family. DJ Hustle 

The true beauty of the album is that while it creates its own art, it still radiates vibes of
Timberlake’s past albums. There are hints of FutureSex/Love Sounds, Justified, and even The
20/20 Experience within production, and even some of the delivery throughout the album. Is
every song great? No, not at all, but it is still a good project. Man of the Woods further solidifies
Justin as risk-taker and artist as he plays around with various sounds, meshes vibes, and ventures
completely outside the box. It is different, and true music lovers will appreciate that. The album
contains club gems, radio gems and more. There are various genres within this body of art and
the production is outstanding. Man of the Woods is available on streaming services and iTunes

Written By Joseph Gaither