West Featuring TI Ye VS.The People-DJHustle

Kanye West Featuring TI Ye VS.The People

Kanye West is back with new music with T.I. last it dropped DJ Sourmilk and Justin Credible on L.A.’s Power 106 radio program, L.A. Leakers, on Friday night (April 27).   DJ Hustle

In the melody, Yeezy hands over what’s basically his own melodic type of his Twitter tirades about Trump, mindless compliance and congruity. “That is the issue with this damn country/All Blacks gotta be Democrats/Man, we ain’t made it off the ranch,” ‘Ye raps on the track.

As far as concerns him, Tip contends against Yeezy, clarifying that what ‘Ye accepts to engage, others could see as degrading. It’s a discussion you’ve truly got the chance to hear for yourself. “It’s greater than your childish motivation if your decision ain’t gon’ prevent police from killing niggas,” T.I. rhymes. West Featuring TI Ye VS.The People-DJHustle West Featuring TI Ye VS.The People-DJHustle

As you may review, it was simply today that Tip uncovered that he really met with Yeezus on Thursday (April 26), and after their gathering, he disclosed that he declined to abandon the Chi-Town legend. Presently, we may have a look at what they’re away from public scrutiny discussion may have resembled. Let’s not be so quick to judge before we get all the facts from Kanye West.

Kanye has always given us his heart in his music, I feel more dope music is coming his first single is not his best work yet. The summer of Kanye West is coming just watch check out the song below let us know your thoughts on this track keep it real. Hustle