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Keith Sweat Solidifies 33 Years in the Music Industry

Written By Tracie Cohens

It was 33 years ago on November 24, 1987, when the multi-platinum, award-winning R&B singer Keith Sweat swooned all the ladies with his breakthrough hit “I Want Her” from his debut album “Make It Last Forever”.  Keith Sweat was born in Harlem, New York; where he cultivated his new jack swing style of music. This new sound was integrated with hip-hop, contemporary soul, funk, and rap. Ambitious from an early age, Keith worked on Wallstreet in the New York Stock Exchange and has been blazing the trail in the business realm ever since. Not only does he have the brains, but Keith is one good-looking and talented artist!

Keith Sweat Solidifies 33 Years in the Music Industry

Entering the music scene as a handsome, six-foot, chocolate cutie pie; Keith Sweat created a formula that still exists today. He is not only known for his music; Keith has his own swag and has made his mark in the fashion realm. Now, let’s draw our focus back onto his music. If you have ever attended one of Keith’s concerts, you can understand why he’s a legend in the game. I attended my first Keith Sweat concert back in 2008, and ever since then it’s been on! I’m addicted! One of Keith Sweat’s quotes from a 1996 Billboard magazine interview says, “My Strategy is to give people just enough of me, then pull back, so they’ll want to see me when I come back”. 

Keith Sweat Solidifies 33 Years in the Music Industry

What’s so extraordinary about Keith Sweat?  He knows how to get personal and interacts with his fans without it feeling inauthentic. Ultimately, his genuineness has helped him sustain his career year after year. Keith’s infamous radio show “The Sweat Hotel” is a major platform where he interacts with his fans and it has been in syndication for over 10 years, with no signs of stopping!  Dropping grenades with hits that were on the Billboard R&B charts like, “I’ll Give All My Love To You”, “Don’t Stop Your Love”, “Something Just Ain’t Right”, and “Merry Go Round” continue to get all the parties jumping and are still in heavy rotation on your local radio stations. HustleTV Keith Sweat Solidifies 33 Years in the Music Industry

Lastly, let’s not disregard all the artists that he’s produced and put on the charts. As listeners, we all still freeze up when we hear his hit duet “Nobody” with Athena Cage from his chart-topping group Kut Klose.  Keith’s Atlanta-based R&B group Silk mesmerized the charts with hit after hit in the ’90s and early ‘2000s. As a former group member of LSG (Levert, Sweat, & Gill), Keith’s collaboration with the powerhouse group had several chart-topping hits like “My Body” and “Round & Round”. In true chart-topping fashion; Keith Sweat reached the #1 spot on Adult R&B airplay charts in 2019 with the song titled “Boomerang” from his 2018 album “Playing for Keeps”.  From the looks of things, it’s clear that Keith Sweat is making it last forever!

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