Kevin Hart Will Be Hosting A New Virtual Show

Kevin Hart Will Be Hosting A New Virtual Show

Kevin Hart will be launching a new virtual show with his celebrity friends from home doing crazy challenges. If you know Kevin he’ll most likely take it to the next level with the funny.

(HustleTV News) Since everyone is at home keeping safe from the coronavirus, Kevin and his celebrity friends will keep us smiling and laughing.

E! has Kevin Hart’s back in this special and his wife Eniko and other celebrity couples Terry and Rebecca Crews Joel and Sarah McHale Sarah Hyland and her fiancĂ© Wells Adams. They show off their dance moves in tik talk challenge they feed each other crazy food with a serious twist.

Kevin Hart Will Be Hosting A New Virtual Show

Over talking each other while their mouth are full you already know Kevin will be funny you can’t win with him we wonder will there some funny stuff going on.

Kevin Hart Will Be Hosting

Celebrity Game Face will most likely be a hit for Kevin Hart and his celebrity friends we all know Kevin and team don’t when it comes to being funny. The show is produced by Critical Content and Hartbeat Productions with Kevin Hart, Tom Forman, Jon Beyer, Jenny Daly, Mike Stein, Bryan Smiley Michael Canter as Executive Produces.

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