Kim Kardashian West's SNL

Kim Kardashian West’s SNL Recap

Kim Kardashian West made her debut Saturday Night Live hosting gig recently, and despite not being a comedian or an actor, there was no doubt she has left a mark on the fan favourite show.

The iconic mother of four and savvy business woman owned the spotlight, with clever delivery of jokes, light humour, including taking the mickey out of herself and her family and seamless transition from one act to another, although some skits did fall flat and feel like any other week of SNL.

Kim Kardashian West’s SNL Recap

It has also been revealed she did her research beforehand, approaching high profile comedians for advice on things such as comedic delivery, which certainly shone with some deadpan delivery of witty lines. 

The Kardashian family have been frequent sources of material for SNL, so it was high time one of them, and it seemed appropriate it was Kim, would feature.

The episode opened with a skit about the current Facebook hearing, poking fun at the out of touch senators. It was a good opening, but it was the next section, Kim Kardashian West’s monologue that grabbed audiences attention. 

 Kim did not hold back when delivering her monologue.

 Dressed in a figure hugging, hot pink, one piece suit, she poked fun at herself, her family and friends with no topic seemingly off limits. From referencing her infamous sex tape as her ‘first movie premier’ to saying her reason behind divorcing rapper Kayne West for his ‘personality.’ OJ Simpson jokes here free flowing, and the appearance of the Kardashian women was also not off limits for Kim, including her own.

Up next came an Aladdin skit, with Pete Davidson taking on the role of Aladdin and Kim portraying Jasmin on a magic carpet ride, with Aladdin feeling insecure about his small stature. This one did not seem to make as much of an impact as other skits throughout the episode. 

Among the other skits of the night which stood out was ‘the Peoples Kourt,’ where Kim plays her sister, Kourtney, advertising a new show. Chris Redd comes onto the scene portraying Kanye, and is performance certainly is a stand out. 

The Lotto Drawing skit was also widely regarded as a stand out, with Cecily and Kim delivering a well-timed and deadpan performance, which was just what the skit required to work. ‘Ladies Night’ was also popular, an ode to older women and the struggles of clubbing (something many views no doubt could sympathise with) and the ‘Skims Shape Wear for Thick Dogs,’ also was a eye catching and engaging. Dogs in suits afterall!

Naturally other members of the powerhouse family made a cameo appearance, with Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian appearing in the ‘the switch’ skit.

Musician Halsey also made an appearance, wowing audiences with her performance of I am Not a Woman, I am God, before Lindsay Buckingham joined her onstage for their rendition of Darling. 

Overall, Kim’s hosting ability was good. It is a fair assessment to say many perhaps did not have high hopes for her comedic prowess, but she pleasantly surprised most viewers. It may not have been the best SNL live, but it absolutely was not the worst… Elon Musk we are looking at you. 

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