Los Angeles Dodger win over San Francisco Giants Hustletv.tv HustleTV DJ Hustle

Los Angeles Dodger win over San Francisco Giants

Dodger’s win over the rival giants remains the biggest match in franchise history. The 2-1 win victory meant that the Giant’s heads home despite having the best record of the game in 2021. This historic event took place on Thursday night at Oracle Park. 

Los Angeles Dodger win over San Francisco Giants Hustletv.tv HustleTV DJ Hustle

The Dodgers struck first, with Corey Seager doubling the sixth inning. But the giants didn’t relent – they struck right back, thanks to Darin Ruf. In the ninth, Cody Bellinger drove in the series-winning run with an RBI single. 

Key takeaways on Los Angeles Dodgers win over San Francisco Giants

The opener

To begin the game, the Los Angeles Dodgers got scoreless innings from Brusdar Greterol and Corey Knebel. This gave Tommy La Stella from the giants a leadoff spot. Gretorol and Knebel combined their innings, but the Giants went 0 for 3 in the runners. Things took a different turn when Julio Urias took over the third innings. The Dodgers continued with their scoreless innings, and they had to shorten their bench. 

The Dodgers solved Logan Webb

Logan Webb performed exemplary in the 5th game, but the Dodgers brought their A-game to scratch out a run. Mookie Bets singled while Corey Seager reached out the ball and threw it the other way. Betts went 3 for 3 in game 5 and finished the series with just one run. At only 24 years, Webb is the youngest pitcher to go home post-season history. And he’s the 3rd pitcher in the history of the Giants to throw outstanding 7 innings in a winner-takes-it-all game. 

Darin Ruf was an ex-factor in the game

Darin hit 1207 feet of fly balls in game 5. The first went 377 feet, the second traveled 378 feet, and the third was 452 feet. There was no catching of Ruf’s fly ball. The 452-foot homer remains the longest home run in Ruf’s career. His previous long hit was 439 feet back in July. 

The big hit from Cody Bellinger

Although it was a tough season for Cody, he provided the biggest hit in Game 5. Cody threw four straight sliders, but the fourth one was enough to hook through the infield. According to HustleTV, There were times in the season where Ballinger looked lost, but he redeemed himself. 

LaMonte Wade Jr. Numbers was insane

After the Dodgers took the lead, the Giants got LaMonte Wade Jr. to the plate. Based on the past performance, this is the guy to get to the plate with the game on the line. Although Wade had an impressive performance all season, there was no magic in game 5. Keep in mind the Giants have been rivals with the Dodgers in the history of the sports.

The game ended on a bad call

Dodger’s manager, Dave Roberts took advantage of Kenley Jansen, who has been on the top of the game for the last two months. The San Francisco Giants lineup came up with runners on the corners, and this is what pushed Scherzer on the pusher’s role. 

The Dodgers are moving on 

As hundreds of Giants were out harrowing all night long, the fans of the Dodgers popped their champagne-swilling heroes and took a bow. Despite finishing the season with 109 wins, the Giants are done. And this is what made the game the one of best sports of all time. 

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