Michael Jordan The last Dance What Can Be Said Hustletv.tv

Michael Jordan The last Dance What Can Be Said

A lot can be said about the last dance watching this story shows us how competitive Michael Jordan was and still is. We’ve seen Kobe’s story but we never really knew Jordan story until now. I’m sure we had ideas and thoughts but not like what we’ve so far.

Michael Jordan The last Dance What Can Be Said HustleTV.tv
The last Dance What Can Be Said HustleTV.tv

NBA players everyone wanted to a piece of Michael Jordan when he step on the basketball court until he actually started running up the court dunking in your face. Jordan was the master of skill watching him play basketball was like watch a work of art. If you think about every time you were out playing yourself with a group of friends and you’re going up for a shot just before you let the ball go out of your hand you’d say Jordan.

What can we expect to see in the next few episodes of the last dance with Michael Jordan and his team mates sitting down talking about the great times they had playing with Jordan. Watching the Detroit Pistons win over the Chicago Bulls over and over and watching Michael Jordan loose and have sportsmanship.

That said a lot about his character as Jordan talk with his team mates and groomed them to better basketball players and have team work he help not just the team he also shaped Chicago City with his crazy and savvy work eitic that a lot players of high school, College, and the NBA use today.

Moving forward to episode 5 and 6 on the Sunday night we can’t wait to see more of Michael Jordan’s team mates talk about how they prepared for the playoffs and how the felt about the last season with coach Phil Jackson leaving the team.