Narcos Mexico's Third Season DJ Hustle HustleTV

Narcos Mexico’s Third Season

HustleTV fans without a doubt know rock-solid entertainment. That’s the reason they should tune in to the brand new season of “Narcos.” “Narcos: Mexico” is the third season of the famed television program about drug cartels in South America’s Colombia. The show is chock-full of thrills. It goes into the trials and tribulations of an individual by the name of Amado Carrillo Fuentes. This man had brains on his side. In spite of that, he also had a significant time shortage. Narcos: Mexico is a blast for people who want to watch Fuentes battle it out against cartels. It’s a blast for folks who like to learn all about the intricacies of legal matters all the same. Fuentes risked his existence for a lady by the name of Marta. He longed for nothing more than to spend quality time alongside her. She was his source of genuine romance.

Narcos Mexico’s Third Season DJ Hustle HustleTV

This program is brimming with twists and turns. Viewers notice that things never seem to get simpler for Fuentes. They actually tend to become a lot more complex and frustrating for him. Fuentes gave the military in Mexico money for a long while. He gave the leader of the group a lot of money as well. This brought on serious issues for one of his trusted assistants. That was none other than General Rebollo. The latter individual got in trouble for engaging in dishonest practices. He even was forced to go to jail.

Mr. Hank or “Carlos Hank Gonzalez” worked as a link for Rebollo and Fuentes. He collaborated with the two. He managed to exit the situation without harming himself in any way, shape or form. Rebollo and Fuentes had to deal with the major consequences all by themselves. Fuentes desired to meet up with his beloved Marta at his Chilean residence on the beach. Fuentes mailed cash to her, too. He tried to get to her via airplane. 

Season three goes into all sorts of gripping tales that are sure to transfix viewers. “Narcos Mexico” won’t disappoint people who appreciate challenges, adventure and the whole nine yards. It delves into the Arellanos and how they did their best to kill the individual who was at the helm of a widely known newspaper by the name of “La Voz.” It delves into the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and how its team members were in no sense able to safeguard Victor Tapia, a person who previously functioned as a policeman. He had Mexican origins.

Narcos Mexico’s Third Season

The tenth episode of the season illustrates the story of Joaquin Guzman or simply “El Chapo.” This savvy person knew how to put on on act when necessary. He was able to do away with both Don Neto and Hector Palma. Palma in the past operated as the head of the Sinaloa Cartel. 

If you’re currently on the lookout for a television program that will keep you enthralled every single step of the way, Narcos Mexico may just be right up your alley.

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