HustleTV Nas returns with New Album Kings Disease DJ Hustle

Nas returns with New Album Kings Disease

Written By Zaina Cummins

After two years since his last album, ​NASIR,​ the Brooklyn, New York rapper decided to return to

the music scene with his new and well-crafted album, ​King’s Disease; ​released on Friday.

Nas is one of the few rappers that has achieved longevity. To be in the rap game for more than five years and still remain relevant is an underrated achievement. Luckily, Nas has been in the game for nearly three decades.

HustleTV Nas returns with New Album Kings Disease DJ Hustle

He is considered to be a rap veteren.

With his first album, ​Illmatic​, being released in 1994, the 46-year-old rapper has been putting Brooklyn on the map ever since. He sounds just as sharp as he did 26 years ago.

With 13 songs​, King’s Disease ​includes features from Big Sean, R&B singer Charlie Wilson, Lil Durk, some of New York’s finest such as Fivio Foreign, A$AP Ferg as well as many other artists.

Nas returns with New Album Kings Disease

Critics are already giving this album the utmost positive feedback.

The ​‘​king’s disease​’​ refers to gout, a form of inflammatory arthritis commonly associated with excessive consumption of rich foods and alcohol. The album cover itself tells the story without having to research much.

Nas finds himself seated on his newly appointed throne, monitoring cultural excellence and throwing attention to the injustices of the world. If he’s not rallying behind successful Black celebrities who are unfairly scrutinised in the media (​10 Points​), then he’s toasting to Black pride (​Ultra Black​) or putting his own career under the microscope (​The Cure​).

There may be many new rappers on the up and coming, but there will never be one like Nas. To still have the same flow and give the same New York vibes as if no time has passed is something not everyone possesses.

Nas returns with New Album Kings Disease

This album is stuffed with high lyrical proficiency that would require a great amount of dissection. It is a relevant body of work and can easily be nominated for best album of the year. HustleTV we love our Hip Hop