Netflix Employees walk out protest against Dave Chappelle DJ Hustle

Netflix Employees walk out protest against Dave Chappelle

Netflix employees walked out on Wednesday in the morning in order to protest against Dave Chappelle’s “The Closer” which makes bad jokes referring to transgender people.

Even if Netflix and other employees were criticized for their judgment, Netflix still confirms that every individual has a right of its own opinion and they cannot be blamed for that. Dave Chappelle is a comedian who believes that gender is a fact and “every human…has to pass through the legs of a woman” in order to be born and live in this world.

Netflix Employees walk out protest against Dave Chappelle DJ Hustle

His affirmations do not get any positive feedback as he by himself declared that he punched a lesbian in a nightclub. Though many people still keep accusing Netflix of discrimination and judgment against the LGBT+ community, Netflix maintains its opinion that Dave did not do anything offensive towards this community and they will not remove him.

Regarding its employees, Netflix once again said that they appreciate every human being and its decision, and even the ones who walked out have the right to make the best decision for them and they have nothing against them. Ted Sarandos, the co-Ceo of Netflix admitted that he made a very bad decision and it was more about miscommunication between him and employees. He recognizes his fault by saying that he should have told them before and that better communication could have managed this situation in a nicer way and could have turned it on a peaceful side avoiding these protests and judgment. He also added that right now there is a huge gap regarding internal communication and all of this happened just in a few days as he did not choose to communicate before.

Even if some of the people can say that being a comedian means to actually say jokes and not be serious about that. the employees and others agreed that what has been said in a comedy show has a real impact on the world and people who are doing this should assume their role without hurting anyone and without bringing these sensitive topics into discussion. The fact that these jokes were made towards the LGBT+ community had even a bigger impact since these people feel harm and judgment every day.

After these protests, people and Netflix’s employees are asking to bring more trans people into TV shows and put them in a better light especially after this big controversy that just happened. Besides all of this, some employees were fired after they shared confidential information about specials with Bloomberg. This is unacceptable from Netflix company’s perspective no matter how hurt some people might feel, trust is the key and it has to be kept inside this company.

People might have a different opinion about this controversy, supporting one or another side in this story. Using words against vulnerable persons might come with huge responsibility and this has to be managed well afterwords. But being human and understanding the needs of others should always play a crucial place no matter what we talk about.

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