New England Are Now 8-1 New England Are Now 8-1

New England Are Now 8-1

New England is unbeaten no more, as the Super Bowl champions were given their first loss of the year through the Ravens. The Patriots, who successfully drifted through the initial two months of the period, had different shortcomings uncovered against Lamar Jackson and Co., who are turning out to be a real Super Bowl danger in the AFC.

In any case, notwithstanding any semblance of the Ravens and Houston Texans, Boomer Esiason still accepts the meeting crown experiences Foxboro. The previous quarterback’s perspective on New England doesn’t seem to have changed in the scarcest in wake of the group’s most recent outcome. “Completely. 100 percent. It’s a long season,” Esiason said Monday on the “Greg Hill Show,” as interpreted by WEEI, when inquired as to whether the Patriots still ought to be viewed as the AFC top choices. “Yesterday was a bizarre day. New England Are Now 8-1

Each group in the NFC lost. On the off chance that your last name was Allen and you played quarterback you won, there were three of those. Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers had their butts given to them yesterday. The Indianapolis Colts lost another beginning quarterback. So there was a ton of unusual stuff occurring in the NFL yesterday, including the previous evening’s 37-20 triumph by the Ravens.” Esiason proceeded: “They (Patriots) ventured into a hornet’s home the previous evening. I’ve seen this previously, particularly in Baltimore.

They can do that to you. With Lamar Jackson playing the manner in which he played the previous evening, kid, he will be hard to manage the remainder of the way. That is the reason Bill Belichick said before in the week, ‘He’s an issue.’ Yeah, he’s an issue good. He’s about out of this world quick at the position. He’s quicker than Michael Vick. I don’t have the foggiest idea about that he essentially tosses the ball just as Michael Vick did. His running ability is apparent and everyone can see it.

Despite the fact that I figured going into this game they would have something for him that would change the manner in which that he play, clearly they need to return to the planning phase. “No one’s seen anything like this offense. Despite everything I state when everything comes down to it will come down to tossing the ball from the pocket when the game is at stake eventually for Lamar and the Baltimore Ravens. Also, they will need to do it in a major spot in the end of the season games.

This is in the season, it was an extremely antagonistic condition, there was a ton of feeling going through the Ravens. They can do that to you on a Sunday or a Monday night in their structure. They do have a quick guard. Be that as it may, notwithstanding perhaps a Julian Edelman bobble in the second half perhaps things are somewhat extraordinary. So it was a round of back and forth movements in force. At the point when you have a nine-minute or a nine-and-a-half moment drive late in a game, that sort of reveals to you who’s somewhat increasingly compelling, who’s getting beat down quite great and I would believe that on the off chance that you are a guarded player for the Patriots at the beginning of today, you are licking your slashes since that was a truly awful exhibition on their part.”

While New England still ought to be seen as the group to beat in the AFC at present, quite possibly’s could change in the coming weeks. Following a Week 10 bye, the Patriots will set out on an intense four-game stretch of matchups against the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Texans and Kansas City Chiefs. New England had the advantage of a light plan for the early goings, yet it’s currently time for the Patriots to show what they’re truly made of.