Odell Beckham Signs One-year Deal with LA Rams

After getting a ton of attention from plenty of suitors, Odell Beckham decided to sign a one-year deal with none other than the Los Angeles Rams. There was interest from tons of teams including the Chiefs and the Saints. LA Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford had nothing but nice things to say about his team’s newest signing. He knows Beckham brings a winning attitude to his team and he realizes how this could only lead to good things. As a matter of fact, all of his teammates are excited regarding how things are going to turn out. It was a divorce everyone saw coming because Beckham initially asked for a trade but never got it. After that, his father released a video on YouTube regarding his mishpas with his Browns teammate Baker Mayfield. They had to let go of one of them and they ended up choosing Beckham. LA Lakers superstar LeBron James immediately welcomed Odell Beckham to Los Angeles. It turns out the two are close friends. LeBron has already won a championship with the Lakers last year and it remains to be seen whether Beckham will do the same with the Rams. Speaking of acquiring renowned players to their team, this is actually the second one the Rams have acquired. It was not too long ago when they were able to snag Von Mille in an eye-popping trade. As expected, Miller was quick to tweet his pleasure over Odell Beckham’s signing. He knows only good things will happen in the future after that is settled. 

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The Cleveland Browns shocked the entire world when they made the decision to release Odell Beckham as reported by HustleTV. As evident by how good Beckham still is, everyone knew it would not take too long before he would find work again. Even at his age, he still brings a lot of talent to the table. Besides, he helped many teams during his career. With this move, Odell basically replaces the wide receiver of the Rams whom they released over the past week. It was unfortunate that DeSean Jackson got cut but he eventually signed with the Las Vegas Raiders as they knew this player can still bring something to the table as a veteran. As for those who don’t think these people won’t co-exist, they have another thing coming because the Rams have been successful in managing these big egos in the past. Coach Sean McVay is regarded as one of the best in managing all of these big egos. They will eventually come to a head sometime in the near future but that won’t be anytime soon when it is under their coach’s watch. One Browns player who wonders how this would become such a good fit is none other than John Johnson III. It could be hard at first but they would somehow get it managed in more ways than one. After all, it could be alarming if they still don’t exist after a short while but it will eventually be settled. 

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