Psychological State or Presidential Debate

Written By Tracie N. Cohens

Psychological State or Presidential Debate

The mastermind film creator Steven Spielberg himself, could not have written a movie more electrifying than the year “2020”.   Ok, so here it is; we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and the icing on the cake is…. yes, that’s right.…it’s a presidential election year!  Those of us that have viewed the presidential debate can say that it is reminiscent of watching two boxers in the ring; speculating who’s going to take the next punch.  Nonetheless, it has appealed to younger voters with its catchy one-liners such as Joe Biden’s “Man, will you shut up!”, or Kamala Harris’ “Mr. Vice President, I am speaking”! Deciphering between presidential candidates has wreaked havoc on the minds of countless Americans. We are in a stressful, overwhelming, and chaotic situation where most of us are just trying to keep hope alive.

Presidential Debate

Many Americans have become so consumed with the current political theatrics, that they are struggling to hold on to their own goals and dreams.    I’m not here to downplay the importance of voting; now more than ever it is imperative to do our part and encourage others to vote. What I am saying is, to not lose sight of who you are in the process.  Make sure you focus on your needs, your family, and career.   When it is all said and done; as 2021 approaches you need to be ready to hit the ground running your own race.  Also, make sure you are practicing self-care by doing such things as taking time out for mediation, prayer, exercise and working on your own aspirations; these often-overlooked elements are essential to our psychological health.  

When it comes to the presidential debate; use your intuition to determine what stances matter most to you.  What issues get your blood boiling? The fact of the matter is , if you aren’t centered in who you are then odds are that you will likely make a decision that is not in your best interest.  Exercise your right to vote, tell a friend and most importantly encourage others to look at the long-term effects of voting.  At the end of the day… what matters most is you!  Now go out, be great…and Vote!

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