The Return of the Real T-Pain Drops Oblivion Album

The Return of the Real T-Pain Drops Oblivion Album

The Return of the Real T-Pain Drops Oblivion Album

After leaving fans six years ago with the release of his rEVOLVEr album, the Tallahassee Hero
has finally returned with his fifth album! Entitled OBLiViON, Teddy Pain released the project on
Friday (Nov. 17). The 16-track album features the likes of talents such as, longtime friend and
collaborator, Chris Brown, the centric, vocal powerhouse, Tiffany Evans, Wale, Ne-Yo, Blac
Youngsta, and several others.

Mimicking the aesthetic of its predecessors, OBLiViON picks up right where T-Pain left us and
literally leaves listeners and Nappy Boy fans wanting more. The auto-tune, charisma, and flavor
returns as T-Pain lets it all out on the project. Going from rapping, to singing, the 32-year- old
hits each track with passion and zeal as if he has much to prove.
He sets the atmosphere firstly with “Who Died,” which will relate with listeners heavily. The up-
tempo rap song is a big scream in the face of everyone who feels they can try and tell you what

to do, how to live, and what to be. The auto-tune legend reminds everyone who he is and that he
is no rookie to this music industry and culture.
The album contains the perfect amount of singing and rapping. Pain reminds the world that he
fathered much of the style and culture that is so common now in music. Another standout track is
the melodic, contagious “Classic You” featuring friend and known collaborator, Chris Brown.
The two flow like a soothing river as they harmonize and sing about their love interest. They rant
and rave about how their women carry themselves and basically how they like that.
From there, like a rollercoaster, the album takes multiple twists and turns. It gets raunchy with
tracks like “Pu$$y on the Phone,” “Your Friend,” and the sensual, Ty Dolla $ign assisted, “2
Fine.” Pain literally says it all through his delivery, vernacular, and flow. Completely bringing
the energy, sex appeal, and heat, Pain states exactly what is on his mind and listeners will love
and appreciate that. DJ Hustle

The album has much potential to be a classic T-Pain album as it contains all the elements that
people expect to hear from the Florida native. The features are great, there is a wide variety of
sound and style in the album. In one moment, Pain will have you wallowing over your ex with
Tiffany Evans, to wanting to stunt on everyone with Blac Youngsta in “Goal Line.”
“Cee Cee From DC” pays homage to the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (DMV)
region and makes for a great listen. Containing slight Go-Go beats, assisted by DMV native
himself, Wale, the record feels completely good. It makes listeners simply feel… happy. Pain
and Wale deliver effortlessly while paying respects to the DMV.

The album further solidifies Pain as one of the greatest entertainers in the industry and shows he
still got it. While he manages to give throwback vibes, T-Pain makes sure the music is still
relevant to today and the sounds people enjoy now. The album definitely contains timeless gems
that will be appreciated long after this album. It is absolutely great to have you back Teddy Pain.

OBLiViON is now available on streaming services and iTunes!

Written By

Joseph Gaither