Snoop Dogg I Wanna Thank Me Tour

Snoop Dogg I Wanna Thank Me Tour

Just thinking about the tour will have you happy because you’re about to see a hip hop Icon show you how it’s done. Bobby Dee Presents Uncle Snoops Army & Fkoa Presents have put on many shows around the country, but Snoop Dogg is a another level.

Opening Artists TayF3rd of Big boy Music Group took to the stage turned up and ready to go. TayF3rd had the fans singing his hit songs with him to see Tay controlling the fans we knew that this show in Santa Ana would be an epic night.

RJ Mr.La hit the stage the crowd loved when he started singing I’m richer than you Acapella as they sang along with him. RJ is on his way to becoming a legend in hip hop with his swag and stage presents.

DJ Hustle RJ & Kurupt

When it comes to the one of the Pioneers of Long Beach hip hop Warren G stands alone. Before Warren came to the stage the fans started screaming his name. When the DJ ya’ll ready for Warren G everyone pull out their phones and turn on the lights. Regulators mount up as Warren did a big tribute to Nate Dogg all the fans started to sang nobody does it better.

Warren G

The moment that everyone came for has arrive Snoop Dogg it was like walking into a movie set cameras everywhere people screaming snoop dogg I love you from the front row to the back row. As Snoop hit the the stage lights camera and action the show has begun. Snoop Dogg knows how use the stage from front to back every song sounds like the album he’s never out breath the show was on point. Snoop, Warren & Kurupt did ain’t no fun and turn the show out. Bobby Dee Presents did a great job with the show. Photo’s by Kirk McClain Video by TSOBK