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Streetwear Brands Contributing To Social Movements

Written By Genavese Harris

Streetwear is a universal attire. It is the outfit for running quick errands and relaxing around the house.  It is slowly becoming an everyday attire, especially now that most of our time is indoors; comfort is essential.  Brands are continually arising and using current social issues as their primary source of inspiration behind their designs. This, in turn, allows people to contribute to social causes that they support through their clothes. You see different celebrities and influencers showing their support through fashion, especially when it comes to streetwear apparel.

People love to see their favorite brands showing support for social causes he or she cares about. There are certain streetwear brands that use their clothing line to show their support more than others for social movements, which gives the brands a more positive perception in the eye of the consumer. 

Along with established brands, there have also been some new brands coming into fruition, showing their support for current social movements such as Black Live Matter and Police Brutality


One of These Days is a Los Angeles based clothing brand by Matthew McCormick. The inspiration for the designs comes from Western America and social situations. So, it is not much of a surprise that the brand supports social movements. Most of their current merch is inspired by recent events and the current political climate.

Streetwear Brands Contributing To Social Movements

“W.D.W.Y.F.W.” Shirt $80


DKYRTL WYZE is an ecommerce brand that draws much of its inspiration from current issues and social movements involving minorities. Existing products are influenced by Black Panther to Black Live Matter Movement.

Streetwear Brands Contributing To Social Movements

“Civil Rights Aren’t Always Civil” $24.98


Kings of NY is a lifestyle streetwear brand based in New York. The category of clothing are children, women, and men. Much of their merchandise reflects the New York culture, female equality, police brutality, and black lives matter.


Freshjive is a men’s e-commerce clothing brand that has a more casual and laid-back style. Most of their designs are influenced by the current political environment with bold and moving statements.

Streetwear Brands Contributing To Social Movements

“Black Is Not a Crime” $40

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