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Stuck in Limbo Aminé Releases His Unexpected Sophomore Album

Review by: Maia L. Kuspa

Sophomore albums are notorious for the make or break of a career: something that the 26-year-old rapper, Aminé, is all too conscious of. Coming off of a light-hearted debut turned mainstream break like Good for You there was a lot of expectation for Aminé to re-produce a similar album. That expectation kept the sophomore album on the backburner.

Stuck in Limbo Aminé Releases His Unexpected Sophomore Album

A well-received mixtape was able to relieve some pressure but Limbo is still a sophomore album that took two years to come to fruition. The result? A diverse track list that showcases many different talents of the young musician while coming together to create a well-rounded compilation of part-matured, part-figuring-it-out reflections on the current state of the world. 

Enlisting help from other popular artists like Summer Walker, Young Thug, and Vince Staples, Aminé is able to accomplish a cohesive piece of work that is relevant to current music listeners and should solidify him as a lasting act in the industry. At base level, Aminé offers commentary on the indecision many of us feel as we plunge into adulthood but there is so much more behind the free-flowing album. 

Limbo has the musicality of an indie jazz album paired with the poetry of a socially conscious young black man experiencing 2020. This rapper has a fresh perspective on the intricacies of human relationship and supports his musings with interesting beats, integration of real instruments, and important melodic support. Some darker toned songs sneak in and compliment his easy-going persona to establish him as a serious musician while challenging us all to consider what we’re experiencing and where we are headed.

Stuck in Limbo Aminé Releases His Unexpected Sophomore Album

Overall, Limbo offers us a chance to relate to Aminé in a new way and see him in a new light. It seems that the mainstream music industry may finally be ready for this hybrid hip-hop album and perhaps even allow for anticipation of a third album that doesn’t conform to traditional popular music. Hopefully it doesn’t take two more years for us to find out if Aminé is up for the challenge.

Notable favorites include:  “Can’t Decide” “Mama” HustleTV we love our music.

Stuck in Limbo Aminé Releases His Unexpected Sophomore Album