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The Hype Of BG3


Ask any experienced gamer worth her hit dice about Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) and she will tell you it is a Dungeon Master’s dream coming true!  This excitingly new massively multiplayer online role-playing game is based on the Wizards of the West Coast® board game known as Dungeons & Dragons® (D&D). 

The Hype Of BG3

Those finicky wizards did not entrust just any game developer with their precious project.  In fact, game developer Larian Studios® was denied the opportunity to do so at first.Larian Studios® is pushing through the COVID-19 pandemic woes like many other game developers to bring gamers the adventure of the year. 

Despite setbacks, anticipation abounds from hordes of gamers who rule the fantasy castles within San Diego Comic Con® and beyond.  Larian Studios® announced the available races and classes will be limited in early access when the game finally releases at the end of this month.  Regardless of the limitations, gamers are ready to bash down the doors of BG3’s September 30, 2020 Early Access with real money!

If you never played Dungeons & Dragons®, then it is probably difficult to understand the immense hype surrounding the game itself including BG3.  In a nutshell, try imagining how an open-encounter role playing game with structure might work and you will understand the gist of it.

  However, imagining yourself with a magical sword in one hand while bouncing a ball of flame in the other as your unicorn steed stands behind you is a much better thought.Why is this gamer excited to get his nerdy hands on the game? 

The Hype Of BG3

It is all about the Half-Drow for me baby!  For the first time ever, players will be able to create a seductively tall female Half-Drow warlock with a pet pseudo-dragon on her shoulder.  She will probably wear a black half-circle hooded cloak and serve © The Old Ones.  Larian Studios is tight-lipped about all of the Half-Drow racial benefits.  It does not matter; my money is ready to bash!

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