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The Lakers Make the Finals

Written By Dannon Green

The Los Angeles Lakers have achieved something that they haven’t done in 10 years or been a part of in the last 8, that’s making it to the playoffs and the NBA finals.   This will make the 37 time the Lakers have been to the NBA finals in their franchise history and the first time in the playoffs and finals without the late great Kobe Bryant.   This team is lead by Lebron James who is going to his 10 finals in 17 years and 9 out the last 10.  

HustleTV The Lakers Make The Finals

The Lakers will be taking on the tough Miami Heat team that is lead by Jimmy Butler who himself is in the first year with the Miami Heat after being traded there from the Philadelphia Sixers. The Heat have two of the best shooters the league has seen in quite some time in Tyler Herro  and Duncan Robinson along with Goran Dragic and their big man who has been doing it all in, Bam Adebayo.   

This series as the media and television like to put it comes with many stories and subplots.  We have the story of Lebron going against his former team and the city helped get to four final appearances and winning two chips.  We got the story of Pat Riley going against Lebron for the first time since the superstar left to go back to Cleveland and lead that team and city to a title for the first time in 50 years. Whatever story you want to follow or be a part of there is plenty of drama to go around.

HustleTV The Lakers Make The Finals DJ Hustle

Will Lebron James be winning his fourth title for his third franchise or will it be the Miami Heat young guns helping the Heat win their fourth title against the man they feel betrayed them? Or will it be Lebrons 7 final lost against 3 wins?   No matter what it is this year’s NBA final will be exciting coming from our new world called the bubble, so let’s just sit back and enjoy the ride and see what happens.

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