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The Low Budget Grocery List Eat Healthier Spend Less

Written By Ryan Jansen

Do you feel like you lack the time and resources necessary to prepare healthy and delicious meals? Tight on money but motivated to change your diet and lifestyle?  Get started on the right foot by adopting a weekly grocery list full of nutritious, great tasting and quality foods that can be purchased using less than $100. 

 Mix and match your meals for variety but aim to rotate your food sources every week or two so that your body does not miss out on well desired nutrients or develop any food intolerances.  If you are extremely low on cash, substitute one of the selected groceries with an alternative (written below) or a similar food of your choice as everyone should be flexible based on their own needs, tastes, and tolerances.  The list below is merely a reference to get you on the right track and a guideline that you can carry with you when you go grocery shopping.  Stay away from the processed foods, be skeptical of extra additives and aim for quality, fresh sources.

The Low Budget Grocery List Eat Healthier Spend Less

Oatmeal – $3.06

Mix it up by rotating with Evoke or Ezekiel cereal and quinoa. Include fruit if desired.

Ezekiel bread – $7.00

Change it up by rotating with spelt bread.  Perfect with nut butter, tuna, egg salad or custom-made sandwiches

Sweet potatoes – $20.00

Rotate with red potatoes, white potatoes, brown rice, wild rice, or whole grain pasta

1 jar of almond butter (no sugar added) – $13.00

Rotate with all-natural peanut butter, sunflower seed butter, cashew butter or another form of nut butter

Chicken breast (10 -15 breasts: Buy in bulk) – $15.00

Rotate with fish, canned tuna, canned chicken, and lean meats

2 bags spinach salad or mixed greens – $8.00

Rotate with mixed raw, roasted, or grilled vegetables

HustleTV The Low Budget Grocery List Eat Healthier Spend Less

1 bundle of red grapes – $5.00

Rotate with berries, white grapes, and other fresh fruits

1 bag California oranges $14.00

Apples are a quality alternative

1 bag baby carrots – $ 3.50

Celery, peppers and other easy to pack and carry vegetables

1 16oz bag of walnuts – $8.50

Rotate using a variety of nuts and seeds

1 carton of eggs – $2.00

Omega 3 cage free eggs are best

* If you do not mind spending a few extra bucks, purchase a quality greens drink or create your own (using primarily fresh green vegetables)

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