Ty Dolla $ign Even Had A Listening Party EQUL Estates

HustleTV.tv Ty Dolla $ign Even Had A Listening Party EQUL Estates

Ty Dolla $ign Even Had A Listening Party EQUL Estates

This was the 4/20 party for the ages. EQUL Estates is known for its raves and EDM parties, but this year they expanded their horizon with the help Echoing Soundz PR. Rich the Kid and Ty Dolla $ign hosted a private mansion party at Coachella where there was open bar, food trucks, and free marijuana. Participants had to park off site and be bused in to the exclusive location.

Even TMG’s (Transcend Music Group) Sincere Show showed up in a stretch G700 Mercedes Truck with a load of beautiful women. There was so many people both inside the house and around the stage. West coast rapper YG even showed up as well as Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star, Amber Diamond. This was the party to be at on 4/20.

This is also very dope Ty Dolla $ign even had a small listening party for some of his unreleased music that he has with Kanye West from his new album. It was a very eloquent event and you don’t want to miss the next one. written by @Akashic_photos

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