Ways to Be More Sustainable in Fashion

Written By Genavese Harris

Sustainable fashion is currently having a significant impact on the fashion industry. So, what is sustainable fashion? Sustainable fashion is when a company pays attention to the quality of products and how they produce them. Companies involved in sustainability focus on non-hazardous chemicals and water usage during the process of making their products.

Ways to Be More Sustainable in Fashion

Brands are noticing that customers are becoming more concerned about how the product is being produced. Customers read labels and research how the companies make their product before purchasing any clothes from the brand. You see, more and more people buying less luxury fashion brands and opting in for sustainable brands. Many realize its effect on the climate and want to purchase with companies that care about the planet.

People think sustainable fashion isn’t affordable, but it is quite the opposite. Not only is it reasonable, but the products also tend to have longevity in wear.  There are plenty of brands that are budget-friendly and sustainable. Brands such as Everlane, Reformation, and Levi’s have price ranges that won’t break the pockets.

There are several ways for a person to get into sustainable fashion, such as:

Inform Yourself About Sustainability

Educate yourself on what sustainability is. Research the ways on how you can be more sustainable and how it affects the environment. You can use Google and social media to gain more insight concerning sustainable fashion.

Invest in Vintage Clothing

Purchasing vintage clothing helps curve global warming and reduce pollution. And it is an environmentally friendly option for buying clothing. Many of the pieces you can find in Thrift Shops or Vintage stores. 

Ways to Be More Sustainable in Fashion

Purchase clothes trans-seasonal clothes

Instead of buying clothes for a particular season, try purchasing items that are for year-round usage. You will save the environment and save money when you buy clothes that can be used for any season; it also makes it easy to create outfits.

Buy from Brands that Promote Sustainability

If you are not into vintage clothing, another way to help be more sustainable is to buy from eco-friendly/sustainable brands. Invest in brands that care about the quality of their products and the chemicals used to make them.

Invest less in Trendy Pieces

Try to invest less in trendy pieces that are in fast fashion. Purchasing trendy pieces adds to the pollution in the environment because many pieces are for one-time usage.; and don’t have any longevity.

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