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Kool Boy Hustler Of The Week

1)Kool Boy, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

I did not let failing discourage me. A matter of fact i saw it as prosperity .i never gave up. I did not listen to those who talk against my goals. I created my own lane and designed my own position. Im the epitome  of the term “DANCE STAR” im the most featured pop locker in west coast hip hop music videos in the world.

HustleTV Kool Boy Hustler Of The Week

2) Please share with our readers the difference between pop locker and poppers?

There is no difference. Their both just different names to  title this dance that we do. For example when referring to your girlfriend you might say thats my ole lady,boo,wifey,broad,etc. All i know is the term pop locker was first.

3) How do you think the Pop locker industry will change over the next decade?

Time repeats itself. I think pop lockin will be owned again by the black community.  We invented this dance but these days a lot of different nationalities are pop lockin. The way i see it the black youth will re own this dance and be the more populated of performing this beautiful dance that was created by us. 

Kool Boy Hustler Of The Week

4) What made you want to start DJ ing events?

Most pop lockers are Dj’s. If you think about it a dancer should know what it takes to get people on the dance floor. I love music and i love rockin parties so i became a Dj. Before covid 19 i made thousands of dollars djing its a great business. 

5) What have you been doing different during covid 19?

I’ve been doing more online pop lockin videos since im not on stage during this covid. 

6) Who has played a meaningful role in your life?

My mentor Anthony Ak King the original king of pop. He is a father figure,big brother, uncle ,best friend all rolled up into 1 person. He is part of the reason why i stay level headed and grounded. This is the person micheal jackson stole the term king of pop from.  He is the cousin of J King of the hot r&b group from the 80’s club Nouveau. He is also a phenomenal  musician. Anthony Ak King is exceptional . I look to him with big respect.   

Kool Boy with DJ Quik

 7) What else should our readers know about you?

My mentality is rare. I don’t use 2 words which are “trying and cant” i think and do things that the average person would consider impossible. I’m constantly making history as a pop locker. I dance for one of the dopest west coast rap legends “Sugafree”. I’m the 1st pop locker to release my very own boombox called “the koolbox”  sponsored by abeatsaudio.

I’m big into fitness I train boxing and i have a boxing camp. I love to lowride ,I’m great with kids, i live life to enjoy it and not stress it. I have allot of business endeavours but i still manage to take care of my 68 year old mother who is paralyzed and confined to a wheel chair.  

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