Netflix Is It The New Normal

Netflix Is It The New Normal

Consider this not going to movie theaters due to Covid 19 there’s no more video stores dvd’s are almost extinct. Netflix has a big hold on the game of content produced and seems to have no-one who can complete with them period.

Ok first movie to review is Extraction with Chris Hemsworth from the start of this feature film on Netflix its action packed from the word go Chris has made great living off being a big super hero but in this movie. He’s a human machine and someone people can relate to as neighbor or brother who’s a local hero.

I give this film five stars due to its realness it tells a story of people who’s actually had done this to help other people get out of an hostage situation.

The cinematography of this film was absolutely brilliant how Sam Hargrave made you feel that you where in the film and kept you on the edge of your sit or couch.

Watching the movie trailer gave you a scene that this film was going to be a big box office hit and truly it was. As Chris sat up slow as his two friends were talking and he walk over and just jump off a mountain a few hundred feet into a lake.

Wait what who does that type of stuff and feels no fear and sits in the bottom of the lake holding his breath just because he can this was only in the first 20 seconds of the film.

Throughout this film great fighting scenes oh yes Chris did that he’s very much in shape, I like the fact that he truly took his time to learn how to shoot and hold a gun it didn’t look like it was forced.