The NBA Playoffs First And Start Of Second Rounds Results And News

Written By Dannon G. Green

In a year that has been full of surprises and disappointments the NBA playoffs have been a welcome site.  Though many felt there might not be a season, the NBA found a way to create a bubble where players, families, and staff would be safe and quarantine from the Covid19 virus.    In doing this of course there would be some players that wouldn’t and couldn’t take the bubble confinements, rules and regulations which would cause players to be quarantine 14 more days after coming back into the bubble.   

The NBA Playoffs First And Start Of Second Rounds Results And News

Anyway, the playoffs have started and coming to the end of the first round.  So let’s look at what has transpired so far.  The Orlando Magic was beaten by the Milwaukee Bucks in their first round series; Miami would beat the Indiana Pacers in the first round of their playoff series.  Miami and the Bucks are currently playing in the second round of their playoff series.  The first game of that series has gone to the Miami Heat, which as of now would be an upset if they would go on to win that series.  Boston, which swept Philadelphia the most disappointing team in the league the last three years, all smoke no fire is now playing the Toronto Raptors after the Raptors ran through the Brooklyn Nets, after one game of the second round Boston is up 1- 0.  

I might have forgotten to mention earlier that the teams took a 48 hr break to the death of another black man to the hands of the Police,  this time the killing took place in the great state of Wisconsin.   Like everything in life it would be resolved with a large team meeting and phone conversation with former President Barack Obama and former player and now owner Michael Jordan.  This boycott would be lead by the Milwaukee Buck and surprise not Lebron James. When the teams resumed the playoffs two teams would continue their winning ways in the Western Conference. 

Those two teams would be the  Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers.  The Clippers beat Dallas in tough hard fought 6 games, and the Lakers who lost the first game against the Portland Trailblazers.  That loss would have all the pundits saying they would now get swept by the Blazers; thank you Stephan A. Smith and Charles Barkley. Because after losing the first game the Lakers would come back and beat Portland 4 game straight with LeBron James and Anthony Davis leading the way. The Clippers which in my mind are the odds on favorite to win the entire thing, won an very hard fought series against the Dallas Mavericks and their up and coming star, Luka Doncic. The Clippers now await the winner of the Denver vs Utah series and the Lakers await the winner of the Houston vs Oklahoma series.  Those two series are the last two and the only two of the first round going to go a 7th and deciding game.  

Please note that there are no fans in the stand right now, only virtual for the first round.  Family and friends will be allowed to attend games in second round.  The main downfall to me is that there is no home court advantage. This is like playing in the final four one building, one court one chance to win it all.    We will come back next week with more NBA playoff news.  

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