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The Beast Coast Of New York

The Beast Coastis a collective group of intellectual artists that reign from New York. This unified movement was originally formed by a visionary named Capital Steez. Beast Coast is comprised of three different groups – Underachievers, Flatbush Zombies and Pro Era. Altogether, they are spiritually enlightened, transmit terrific streams of consciousness and most importantly represent authentic hip-hop talent.

Recently, Beast Coast has been touring the country and they are gearing up to release their first group album, “Escape from New York” on May 24. They decided to promote their album in a non-traditional manner by bringing back Big Tigger’s “Rap City” platform. Their basement cypher consisted of high energy and cohesiveness.  Every artist has originality and something special to bring to the table.

The Beast Coast

With that, we rank the emcees who had the best bars throughout the entire cypher.

3. Juice (Flatbush Zombies) – Jewice graced the microphone with rugged inflection, great variation and alternated his vocal pitches in a very impressive manner. 

2. Joey Bada$$ – The Badmon has a way with words that causes people to focus their gaze upon him. This effort was no different as he delivered audacious rhymes that showcased great pace, versatility and balance. 

1. AK The Savior (Underachievers) – AK seamlessly blended words/phrases together and caught a couple pockets that blended in ways that required the listener to rewind his verse. Joey Badass is not an easy act to follow, but this man make it look effortless and spit a stellar freestyle.

The Beast Coast movement prides itself on the number 47. This number represents the unity between the heart chakra (four) and the crown chakra (seven.) Together, these two numbers symbolize ultimate balance between mind and body. It is evident that they gave us a balanced effort on this high frequency hip-hop session.

The Beast Coast

Written by: Ian Romaker